Men in upscale Atlanta neighborhood warn of drug use, robberies near bars

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Young people in Atlanta report being drugged and robbed while out and about Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood between 2021 and February of this year, according to police records and state reports.

Now, Police are warning people They spent time in Atlanta taking precautions, such as staying with friends, “keeping an eye on” drinks, reporting any tampering with drinks, being aware of their surroundings, password-protecting banking apps, and more.

“The Atlanta Police Department is aware of these cases and is investigating each case,” the Atlanta Police Department (APD) said. “Investigators regularly look for connections to similar nearby cases, as well as links to potential cases within our jurisdiction and surrounding areas.” any possible contact,” spokesperson Teralyn Griffin told Fox Digital News in a statement.

Griffin added that while the department “has not released details of each investigation at this time,” authorities take the allegations “seriously” and “investigators are committed to identifying those responsible and arresting them.”

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Atlanta police are warning of recent robberies in the city’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood. (Ilya Nuvirach/Bloomberg)

Four Atlanta Police Department reports obtained by Fox Digital News detail victims experiencing memory loss, possibly due to spiked drinks, before being robbed.

Most recently, on February 8, a robbery victim told police that he was “hanging out at Bar 30 with his brother and friends” on February 4 and when they left, he “decided to stay a little longer.” The victim “remembered ordering his last drink around 2 a.m.,” but did not remember what happened between then and 3 a.m., the police report said.

The victim told police he was standing outside an apartment building when he “came to” and his phone and wallet were missing. The next day, he switched phones and received “multiple notifications from CashApp” saying $700 had been withdrawn from his account, as well as an attempt to make a purchase worth more than $4,000 from his Venmo account. USD Bitcoin notification.

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Mall near Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

More than 20 police reports obtained by Fox News Digital detail alleged robberies in which victims were drugged or distracted as they entered ride-share vehicles and then had their phones, wallets stolen. wait. (Ilya Nuvirach/Bloomberg)

Another police report states that on the same day, February 5, officers spoke with another robbery victim who also stated that he may have been drugged and assaulted while he was at the 5 Paces Inn Bar. to robbery.

“The victim stated that he was at the above location with friends and was unsure how he got separated. The victim stated that he had not had much to drink,” the police report states. “The victim stated that he believed he may have been shot. and was knocked unconscious. The victim stated that when he came to, his left eye was bleeding.”

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The victim contacted his mother and asked him to drive home. The next morning, when he activated a backup phone, he saw a notification that the suspect in the robbery had allegedly sent himself $1,600 from CashApp and withdrew another $500 from the victim’s Truist Bank account. dollars and didn’t even know his password.

In September 2022, a victim reported that on August 28, 2023, “he believed he may have been drugged because when he woke up at the Chevron gas station at 3465, he arrived at 1:00 a.m. Can’t remember anything between 3:40 a.m. and Northside Pkwy,” a third incident report states.

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atlanta police department

An APD spokesperson said “investigators are committed to identifying those responsible and arresting suspects” in a recent series of robberies in Buckhead. (Getty Images)

The victim “said he did not have his credit card with him when he woke up at the scene” and “later discovered that fraudulent purchases had been made using his Wells Fargo credit card and ATM card.”

Finally, on April 25, 2022, a victim told police that he attended a business dinner on April 14 and “stated he had been drinking, but not very much,” when he “began to feel dizzy.”

The victim said his “memory is blank,” but he did remember being dropped off by “two black women at the RaceTrac gas station at 780 Peachtree Pkwy Norcross, GA 30092, without a cellphone and his credit card was missing.” The victim said that around 12:20 a.m. on April 15, he saw that he had received a receipt for a canceled Uber ride.

On April 26, the same victim discovered that a total of $18,000 had been stolen from two of his bank accounts.

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Buildings in the Buckhead area of ​​downtown Atlanta, Georgia

Several young people were reportedly drugged and robbed after going out in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. (Ilya Nuvirach/Bloomberg)

NBC News, which initially reported on a series of alleged drug abuse and robberies in Buckhead, reported that there may have been as many as eight victims with similar stories during the night in Buckhead. The outlet spoke to six of the men who had similar experiences, five of whom said they were driven around Atlanta before waking up.

The victim, 24-year-old Chandler Rebel, was dropped off at a gas station in August after being robbed. He recounted to NBC how he drank with friends for a minute and then woke up in the backseat of a car with no memory of how he spent his time. Got there. He remembered being restrained.

“I just remember everything being black in there and I wanted to scream, but it was like there was a hand on me forcing more of the substance into my mouth,” Rebel told the outlet.

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He said he woke up hours later at a gas station about three miles from the bar and began “violently” vomiting blood, NBC reported.

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Atlanta police at Buckhead crime scene

Atlanta police received a call from a Buckhead Target. (Fox 5 DC/WAGA)

Among the more than 20 police reports filed between 2021 and March, obtained by Fox News Digital, are a string of other robberies that did not involve drug use but did involve victims who were distracted while getting into a rideshare and then randomly robbed and discarding location information provided by drivers pretending to be Uber or Lyft.

Many of the robberies occurred in or outside the same bars, including the 5 Paces Inn, Johnny’s Hideaway, Thirty and The Ivy Buckhead.

A spokesperson for 5 Paces told NBC the bar takes the safety of its patrons seriously and encourages anyone who thinks they may have been the victim of a crime to contact police.

Five Steps spokesman Scott A. Minot told the outlet in an email that Five Steps is aware of reports of criminal activity in and around Buckhead but does not Know within “five steps” of any criminal activity. “Five Steps has not been contacted by any of the alleged victims or police and has no further information or knowledge regarding any of these incidents or reports.”

atlanta police

One person has been arrested so far in connection with the Buckhead robbery, APD spokesperson Teralyn Griffin said in a statement. (Reuters/Elijah Nouvelage)

Johnny’s Hideaway similarly told NBC that they had not been contacted by police following alleged robberies inside and outside the store.

Several victims told NBC that despite providing screenshots and various other information to authorities, they believed Atlanta police ignored their reports.

“I literally told the police every detail of the puzzle, but they didn’t care,” victim Sean Brown told the outlet.

One person has been arrested so far in connection with the Buckhead robbery, APD spokesman Griffin said in a statement.

“These types of crimes do present some challenges for investigators,” Griffin said. “Sometimes identifying clues to a suspect is easy, but many times it takes a lot of work to correctly identify who the suspect is. We understand the frustration of some victims, but we are actively investigating and working to identify anyone involved in these crimes.”

The spokesman added that areas where suspected drug use and robberies occurred “have increased patrols, and many nearby businesses employ off-duty officers to help curb crime.”

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“Because many of these incidents occur in crowded venues or without the victim initially realizing it, it is challenging for law enforcement alone to resolve these thefts before they occur,” Griffin said. “We will do our best. Do your part but we urge anyone planning to go out drinking to make a plan and stick to it. It’s important to take responsibility for your experience and take steps to ensure you don’t become a victim of crime.”

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