Mexico’s Zelaya mayoral candidate killed on first day of campaign

Gisela Gaitan, a candidate for mayor of Celaya, Mexico, was assassinated during the campaign. ——Antonio Marant, “El Pais”

Gisela Gaytan, the mayoral candidate of Zelaya’s ruling party, was shot dead at an event in central Mexico during the campaign, despite her pleas for security.

Additionally, city council candidate Adrian Guerrero was initially reported to have been “shot to death,” but the Ministry of Security later confirmed that he was missing. protector the report said.

Gaitan, a 38-year-old former litigator, was killed by gunmen on Monday after she presented her strategic security plan at a rally in Zelaya, Guanajuato state. State prosecutors are investigating the murder, but no arrests have been made.

Although the reasons for Gaitan’s killing are unclear, her killing was the result of Guanajuato’s high homicide rate and turf wars between criminal groups.

Gaitan is the only female candidate in Zelaya, one of the deadliest cities in the world and one of the most dangerous places to police in North America.

She is a member of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s ruling National Renewal Movement (Morena) party.

Earlier in the day, Gaitan told reporters that Morena had asked the state to provide security for her campaign. “We are looking at this issue to see how we can address it,” she said. “Let’s see if they can give us an answer today.”

Security Minister Rosa Isela Rodriguez promised justice and announced an investigation into why Gaitan was not protected by state authorities.

She acknowledged that Morena had asked the country’s National Electoral Institute (INE) to implement security measures for all its candidates, but that Guanajuato’s electoral body had not yet initiated the necessary security protocol procedures.

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