Mike Hinton responds after backlash to Baron Trump’s ‘fair game’ comments

Baron Trump is the only son of Donald Trump and Melania Trump. – Reuters/File

Earlier nbc Senior executive Mike Sington is accused of calling Baron Trump, the only son of former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, a ” Fair Game” and was heavily criticized.

The teenager, who turned 18 on Wednesday, prefers to stay out of the spotlight compared to other children of the businessman and politician. Media attention is focused more on other children.

“Barron Trump turns 18 today. Now he is fair game,” Hinton said in a post on Wednesday, but he later took it down after harsh criticism.

“I posted that he was now ‘fair game,’ which means that, as an adult, he could ‘fairly receive criticism from the media,'” he told Newsweek via X private message on Wednesday.

Screenshot of Mike Sington's now-deleted post on X.  -
Screenshot of Mike Sington’s (now deleted) post on X. – “Weekly newspaper”

“It was pointed out to me that ‘fair game’ could mean fair game for harm. I didn’t want anyone to be physically harmed, so I took it off. I listened to the comments and criticism I received.”

Republicans don’t react well to former presidentnbc Comments from senior managers. Some even called it “creepy.”

“It’s so chilling,” said Garrett Ventrey, a former senior communications adviser to Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Trump is the Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 election and faces a number of serious legal challenges as he faces off against Joe Biden, who is lagging in the polls.

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