Netanyahu to undergo hernia surgery under general anesthesia

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Diagnosed with a hernia The prime minister’s office said he would undergo surgery on Sunday night.

A hernia was diagnosed during a routine check-up on Saturday night. Netanyahu’s office revealed. After consulting with doctors, Netanyahu decided the best solution was to have surgery to repair the hernia at a hospital on Sunday night.

The office said the surgery would be performed under general anesthesia and Netanyahu would lose consciousness during the procedure. During this period, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Yariv Levin will serve as Acting Prime Minister of Israel.

No further details about Netanyahu’s diagnosis were immediately provided.

Biden’s shift in support for Israel in his own words: From ‘unwavering’ to ‘overly’ critical

Netanyahu was diagnosed with a hernia on Saturday and was scheduled to undergo surgery under general anesthesia at a hospital on Sunday night, his office said. (Reuters/Ronen Zvulun/Pool/File)

The 74-year-old’s doctors say he is in good health and has stayed on track during Israel’s nearly six-month war with Hamas.Last year, Netanyahu underwent surgery implanted pacemaker After a health scare.

Last week, Netanyahu canceled a trip to Washington by a delegation of senior Israeli officials. President Biden’s The U.S. government has not vetoed a U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and setting conditions for Hamas to first release all hostages.

Critics accuse Biden of abandoning Israel and hostages amid rising tensions with the Jewish state

this israeli leaders issued an ultimatum to the United States, warning that he would cancel the meeting if the U.S. did not veto Monday’s U.N. resolution. The United States abstained from voting rather than vetoed, allowing the resolution to pass.

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The Biden administration insists its support for Israel has not changed since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack.

Fox News’ Anders Hagström contributed to this report.

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