New York school board approves resolution banning transgender athletes from participating in girls’ sports

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A Manhattan school district has approved a resolution that could lead to transgender athletes No longer allowed to participate in women’s sports.

The Community Education Board District 2, Manhattan’s largest school district, voted 8-3 to approve a resolution prompting the city to education department Review the policies that allow these transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports, the New York Post reported.

Resolution 248, which has been strongly criticized by community members, also calls for parents to be involved in future decisions.

Additionally, advocates are calling for clarification on how decisions are initially made to allow transgender athletes to compete in sports where transgender athletes often have physical advantages over other competitors.


A Manhattan school district has approved a resolution banning transgender athletes from competing in girls’ sports. (Eric McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Despite an overwhelming majority of the school district’s board of directors voting in favor of the resolution and public outcry, the resolution was largely symbolic, The Washington Post reported.

The bill’s passage came after a contentious meeting in downtown Manhattan that included actor Elliot Page, City Council members and school district parents.

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New York County takes steps to ban biological males from competing in women’s sports at local facilities

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Resolution 248 passed 8-3 after a contentious school board meeting. (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

Jared Dank, a DOE employee and District 2 parent, said at the meeting that the resolution would “marginalize and discriminate against a group of students who need our affirmation and support,” the New York Post reported.

New York City Council member Erik Bottcher similarly condemned the resolution, saying he and other lawmakers were “outraged” that the school board was “considering a resolution targeting transgender girls and sports.”

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Community Education Board District 2 is the largest school board district in Manhattan. (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

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“It is shocking that such a regressive and harmful resolution is being proposed in this school district. “Mid-Manhattan” he added.

Supporters of the resolution point out that it does not call for any major policy changes but simply sparks a broader conversation.

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