New Yorkers complain about failure to fight crime after Gov. Hochul deploys National Guard

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New York subway riders joined in as Gov. Kathy Hochul dispatched the National Guard and state troopers to help the New York Police Department secure Big Apple subway stations amid concerns about crime and disorder.

Many support the move after recent riots, in which surveillance video showed a man throwing burning cans at people through turnstiles at a Manhattan subway station.

random Pushing attack Accidents on subway platforms in Manhattan have left people killed or seriously injured by oncoming trains, and a man with an ex-criminal record was charged last week with throwing away his ankle monitor and then throwing it away during an argument in Manhattan. His ex-husband pushed into the moving train.

WATCH: Man wanted for throwing incendiary container into crowd at New York subway station

An NYPD officer patrols a subway station in New York City on Monday, March 11, 2024. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced a five-point plan earlier this month to deploy 750 National Guard members in response to a nearly 20% increase in crime across the state. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

A conductor who survived being casually cut on his neck while working told reporters new york post He never planned to take another subway ride over the weekend.

“It’s not safe.”

—Gabriela, New York City commuter

Homeless people have also reported incidents of indecent exposure and other unusual behaviour, which they say will be increased by police patrols to combat.

WATCH: New York street police intervene in subway crime

“It’s not safe,” one rider, Gabriella, told Fox News Digital this week.

Another passenger, Tally, said she avoids trains at night and prefers to take an Uber during off-duty hours.

BODYCAM video shows NYPD officers springing into action to pull man from subway tracks

NYPD and National Guard members conduct random bag searches on New York City subway system

Members of the NYPD and National Guard conduct random bag searches on the New York City subway system on Monday, March 11, 2024. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

Video: Man throws cup at stranger in New York subway station

David added: “Our country needs more jobs so they should hire more officers.”

NYPD crime statistics Robbery and traffic crimes are up in New York so far in 2024 compared to last year, with a series of high-profile violent incidents putting travelers on edge.

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government. Kathy Hochul hits back at criticism of sending National Guard to protect New York subways: ‘I don’t buy it’

subway passengers

Commuters pass through a subway tunnel in downtown Manhattan on Monday, March 11, 2024. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

“I don’t think anyone really feels safe,” Talley said. “But I see officials are making an effort. So, I don’t know. I don’t know where the solutions are.”

Hochuer sent it national guard Assisting the NYPD with random bag checks last week, Mayor Eric Adams reintroduced the measure to curb violence.

“It would at least be a deterrent for people who are thinking about carrying a gun or a knife on the subway,” she told reporters on March 6. “They might be thinking, ‘You know what, it might not be worth it. ‘Because I listened to the mayor and I listened to the governor, they had more people checking my bags.”

random search

Members of the NYPD and National Guard conduct random bag searches on the New York City subway system on Monday, March 11, 2024. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

She also proposed a law that would ban people from traveling on the subway system if they were convicted of assaulting other passengers and installing cameras on trains after slashing a conductor.

Adams also announced that he would increase NYPD patrols on the subway system in response to a crime spike. During increased patrols, NYPD officers have been able to rescue a man who fell on the tracks in the Bronx before a train arrived.

Long Island body parts suspect released again under New York bail rules

WATCH: NYPD officers spring into action to rescue man from subway tracks

But not everyone is subject to bag checks, prompting angry complaints from latecomers.

Another would-be kidnapper turned around when he saw the luggage stand, although authorities did not stop him casually.

New York City ex-con murder suspect smiles with Da Bragg shortly before arrest

NYPD and National Guard patrol

Members of the New York Police Department and National Guard patrol the New York City subway system on Monday, March 11, 2024. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

He declined to give his name but said he fled communist Romania and came to the United States as a child. He called the bag checks “unconstitutional.”

“It doesn’t matter what your politics are,” he said. “They need probable cause to search you.”

As traffic crimes plague the city, critics of progressive district attorneys in four of the five boroughs complain about low and no bail for repeat offenders, while a Marine Corps veteran dies after an erratic passenger And the passenger was prosecuted as a terrible guy May the rider.

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New York man screams, grabs knife, chokes mother, shot to death on NYPD cameras

subway search

Members of the NYPD and National Guard conduct random bag searches on the New York City subway system on Monday, March 11, 2024. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

Daniel Penny, 24, face charges Jordan Neely, 30, was found guilty of manslaughter after he choked Jordan Neely, 30, as he yelled and threatened passengers on an F train in Manhattan and manslaughter. Neely, who had been arrested dozens of times before, including in multiple subway attacks, died in the encounter.

US Marine Corps vet Daniel Penny pleads not guilty to manslaughter in strangling Jordan Neely

Penny has been released on $100,000 bail and will appear in court again next week.

Daniel Penny leaves Manhattan Criminal Court

Daniel Penny leaves Manhattan Criminal Court after his trial in New York on June 28, 2023. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

“I don’t feel comfortable with my wife and kids riding the subway right now,” said Staten Island attorney Louis Geromino. He said the city’s crime problem began to spiral out of control after Bill de Blasio abandoned the tough-on-crime policies of his predecessors, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg.

“We must have [National Guard] Be there to protect our subways when we have our best moments police station Across the world, navigating this system and protecting us is ridiculous. “

Officers search belongings

On Monday, March 11, 2024, members of the National Guard and New York Police Department conducted random bag searches on the New York City subway system. (Matthew McDermott, Fox News Digital)

In addition to hiring more police officers, New Yorkers could try electing a new district attorney, he said.

“With the exception of Mike McMahon in Staten Island who’s doing a really good job, the district attorneys in this city are stuck in that largely liberal, progressive attitude,” Geromino said. “They don’t want to prosecute crimes.” “They seem to be very selective about who they prosecute. We need to vote for a different district attorney.”

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The subway looked unusually empty outside Monday’s rush hour.

The city is losing tens of thousands of residents to the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants and immigrants.

About 78,000 people left New York in 2023, The New York Times reported Thursday. According to the newspaper, this number will reach 126,000 by 2022, with more than 500,000 residents set to leave between April 2020 and July 2023.

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