New York’s “celebrity” owl Flacco was exposed to high concentrations of rat poison before his death

  • New York City’s celebrity owl Flacco died after crashing into a building due to severe pigeon-borne disease and high levels of rat poison.
  • The Eurasian eagle owl was found dead in a Manhattan courtyard last month, more than a year after it escaped from the Central Park Zoo.
  • After escaping, Flacco lived in Central Park and became a skilled hunter, but faced various threats, including poisoned rats.

new york city Celebrity owl Flacco was suffering from a severe pigeon-borne disease and high levels of rat poison when he crashed into a building and died last month, Bronx Zoo officials said Monday.

Eurasian Eagle Owl He was found dead in a Manhattan courtyard on February 23, more than a year after he escaped from the damaged enclosure of the Central Park Zoo and began a life in the urban wilderness that has fascinated New Yorkers.

Zoo officials said that while a preliminary autopsy showed the cause of death was trauma, further testing revealed two serious medical conditions may have contributed to the collision.

New York ‘celebrity’ owl Flacco reportedly dies in building collision, prompting zoologists to investigate

Blood tests revealed that Flacco had been exposed to four different rat poisons and suffered from a “severe” infection with the pigeon herpes virus, which caused damage to his brain, liver, spleen and other organs.

New York City’s celebrity owl, Flacco, died last month after he crashed into a building while suffering from a severe pigeon-borne disease and high levels of rat poison, Bronx Zoo officials said Monday. (Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

“Even in the absence of trauma, these factors can be debilitating and ultimately fatal,” the zoo said in a statement. “Flaco’s severe illness and death were ultimately attributed to multiple factors — infectious disease, toxin exposure and trauma — —This highlights the dangers wild birds face, especially in urban environments.”

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After an unknown vandal infiltrates the zoo and cuts open his cage, Flacco spends his first free days in Central Park before venturing into the Manhattan skyline. Although he spent a full 13 years in captivity, he quickly proved himself to be a skilled hunter, preying on the city’s abundant rat population.

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But his freedom also worries some experts, who say he faces a range of threats in the city, including the possibility of eating poisonous rats.

Bird enthusiast David Barrett, who runs a social media page documenting the owl’s activities, said that in the days before Flacco’s death, Flacco stopped making nightly visits to city rooftops. screams, which led some to worry that he was sick.

“While these results remind us of the tragedy of Flacco’s death, they also bring understanding and closure,” Barrett said.

After his death, zoo officials blamed vandals who damaged the zoo’s fence. crime That’s still up in the air.

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