Northern California’s mustard flowers draw tourists to wine country

Bright yellow and gold mustard rug Northern California Wine Countrymarking the beginning of spring and the celebration of all kinds of spicy and mustard flavors.

Mustard doesn’t just look pretty. The plants bloom in March and are working hard to protect the world-famous vineyard. Napa and Sonoma Counties.

According to the Sonoma County tourism website, mustard contains high levels of biofumigants that inhibit the growth of tiny worms that can damage grapevines. It also provides nutrients to emerging grape plants and maintains hillside soil to help resist erosion.

Sunny South Carolina dressing adds a golden mustard glow to barbecue

However, not everyone likes mustard.

The plants, which are not native to California, grew so vigorously that they suffocated native plants such as blue lupins and poppies. Some people in the state are cutting down mustard plants to turn them into paper, dye, pesto and, of course, the condiment called mustard.

The vineyards are covered in mustard on Wednesday, February 28, at Inglenook Winery in Rutherford, California. (AP Photo/Eric Riesberg)

Additionally, as temperatures rise, mustard begins to die, making it wildfire tinder In a state ravaged by fire. Its stems can act as fire escapes, causing flames to climb.

“They are invasive, non-native species that invade wild lands and actually have a detrimental impact on wild ecosystems,” said Naomi Fraga, director of conservation programs at the California Botanic Gardens.

Winemakers make mustard plants work for them, said Megan Kathleen Bartlett, assistant professor of plant biology in the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis.

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“The mustard compounds are a natural deterrent to nematodes, and the taproot can help break down clay soil,” she said in an email. “Pruning it back every year also helps prevent it from becoming too invasive.”

Restaurants and breweries offer dishes and tastings to celebrate the season with handcrafted mustards, mustard greens, mustards and mustard sauces.

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