Parkland father shot as vice president visits school

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After Vice President Kamala Harris announced her plans to visit the halls of Congress marjory stoneman douglas high school In Parkland, Florida, the parent of one of the victims of the fatal 2018 school shooting shared his displeasure with the blatant “push” and “promotion” of gun control.

Ryan Perry, whose 14-year-old daughter Alaina Parker was brutally murdered in the Parkland, Florida, shooting in February 2018, told Fox News Digital that he was “tired” of the school High schools are used to “photograph” politicians who want to “push” the gun control agenda rather than understanding what led to the tragedy.

“It’s frustrating to me that this building should have been torn down years ago and is now being used as a photo op for politicians who want to push their agenda,” Perry said. “But frankly, politicians don’t understand how to preserve it. Our nation’s schools. They don’t understand the cause of the tragedy in Parkland.”

“They don’t understand what caused this tragedy and are just trying to further their gun control agenda,” he said. “I’m tired of it. It needs to stop. This building needs to be torn down.”

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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a First in the Nation campaign rally at South Carolina State University on February 2, 2024 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

On Saturday, Vice President Harris will visit campus with families who lost loved ones in the deadly massacre, which left 14 students and three adults dead and 17 others injured.

Perry said Harris’ visit was “a slap in the face” to shooting families who have spent six years working to address school shootings.

“The vice president and the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention made it clear to families early on that only new gun control measures would satisfactorily protect our nation’s schools,” he said. “For those of us who have worked for six years to protect our nation’s schools, Humanly, it’s just a slap in the face.”

He said there are “many ways” the United States can protect children without “violating Second Amendment rights.”

“There are many ways we can protect our children and teachers in our schools without infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners across the country,” Perry said. “But the vice president and the Office of Gun Violence Prevention don’t want to hear any of that. Solution. What they want to do is create an opportunity for the vice president to publish gun control talking points on a website that, frankly, is sacred ground at this point.”

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Parkland school massacre site to be demolished next summer

“I find the whole thing distasteful,” he added.

I find the whole thing offensive.

— Ryan Perry, father of Parkland school shooting victim

Five years since the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

Photos of the 17 people killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are displayed at Pine Trails Park in Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2023, during the fifth anniversary of the shooting. (Saul Martinez/Getty Images)

Father of one Parkland shooting victim points out recent visit secret service personnel Families have a chance to discuss the details of a school shooting tragedy.

“A good visit like when we came to the school building with the U.S. Secret Service a few weeks ago. I was involved in the visit. It didn’t involve the press or the media, it wasn’t an opportunity for anyone to take pictures,” Pei Li said.

“What we’re doing with the Secret Service is making them aware of what happened that day so they can learn from it,” Perry said. “I will tell you, the team that was here, including the Secret Service chief, were overwhelmed by what they heard that day. Moved.”

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Perry said he was able to walk into the English classroom where his daughter Alaina was shot and showed law enforcement that she was unable to find a safe space in the classroom.

“We gave them a detailed description of how the shooter entered the campus, how he walked through the unlocked door, how he entered the building and how he indiscriminately shot at anything he saw in the hallways and classrooms,” Perry said.

“I was able to go into the classroom where Alaina was killed,” he said. “I showed them where she was sitting, and they found she couldn’t get into a safe space in the classroom where the shooter couldn’t see her. Those are the things I hope the vice president will take away.”

Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during a First in the Nation campaign rally at South Carolina State University on February 2, 2024 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Perry said fatal school shootings can be prevented with better communication between law enforcement agencies and schools.

“We understand that this is a preventable tragedy and like most tragedies, there are warning signs and behaviors that precede an attack and if action is taken, those who want to enter the school and attack the school can be diverted. The other way,” he said.

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Perry noted that the FBI received two tips about the school attack but was unable to communicate with local law enforcement.

“The federal government failed to protect and failed to act on the information they had to prevent the Parkland tragedy,” Perry said.

Perry said he did not believe the vice president was here to learn more about the Parkland tragedy but to push her “preferred solutions” for gun control legislation.

“I think the vice president is there because she believes gun control is the only solution to these tragedies, and she’s going to stand in front of Marjory Stoneman Douglas and tell the country that her preferred solution, which is gun control, is The only solution this will work here is,” he said.

“I find this incredibly frustrating. It’s an insult to the families who are working so hard to make schools in Florida and schools across the country safer,” Perry said. “She just spits on all of that work, Because she wants to promote gun control.”

She just spits on all of these jobs because she wants to promote gun control.

— Ryan Perry, father of Parkland school shooting victim

I’m an FBI agent who told Parkland parents something unbelievable.This is what I saw there

Nicole Parker

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker explained that the FBI field office received two tips about a possible school shooting. (Fox News)

Former FBI agent and Fox News contributor Nicole Parker responded to the Parkland shooting and said the FBI failed to respond to two leads leading up to the shooting. “

“According to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Committee report, the FBI received two tips about the shooter. One of them was a detailed 13-minute phone call on January 5, 2018. It was from the shooter. It was a call from a family friend. He was worried that he might commit a school shooting,” Parker told Fox News Digital. “The report has been closed without further investigation by any local FBI field office.”

“Additionally, there was another tip on September 25, 2017, when a civilian in Mississippi noticed a YouTube post by the killer stating that he would be the next school shooter. This tip was forwarded to The local FBI office in Mississippi,” Parker said. “Following the interviews conducted, no legal process was served.”

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Parker said she felt “extremely guilty” after the shooting.

“While I was not involved in responding to or understanding the prompts, I felt extremely guilty.”

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