Passengers traveled to seven countries to catch ship but were left on island after arriving late

Eight passengers on a cruise ship were stranded on an African island after being late for boarding. — Ladd Bible

What started as a dream cruise vacation turned into a harrowing ordeal for eight passengers who found themselves stranded on the African island of Sao Tome and Principe after arriving late from their private trip and their ship was not available Take them away.

A tourist group of 6 Americans and 2 Australians departed from Cape Town, South Africa, aboard the Norwegian Dawn, and decided to embark on a 21-day voyage, extending further north to the African coast, with the final destination being Barcelona. Spain.

But when they failed to board the ship before the 3pm boarding time on March 27, they had to hide the passengers from guards.

South Carolina residents Jay and Jill Campbell reported efforts to reboard the ship, including notifications to the cruise ship’s captain and efforts by the local Coast Guard to assist rescuers, but none were provided to them. any information.

The group, regardless of experience and knowledge, learned how to communicate effectively with others who spoke different languages, and how currency issues complicated arrangements on short notice for them to catch the boat.

They had wanted to stop at an oasis in Senegal’s capital, Banjul, but their trip was ruined due to unpredictable weather conditions and they were forced to seek refuge in Dubai as an option.

After this difficult journey, Jill Campbell didn’t know if they would go back for other cruises, which is why their adventure left her with an extraordinary attitude.

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