Pentagon UFO report finds no evidence of aliens: ‘If America doesn’t come clean, other countries will’

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Pentagon No evidence of aliens, alien technology, or secret government-run reverse engineering programs has been found.

The report released on Friday said that “to date, the overall results of all U.S. government investigations have not revealed a single case of UAP representing extraterrestrial technology” and that “truly sensitive national security programs” were “misidentified” as extraterrestrial technology. UFO Project.

“AARO (All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office) has no evidence to support the USG reverse engineering narratives provided by the respondents and is able to refute most of the respondents’ claims,” ​​although “some claims are still being evaluated,” the report states.

“If USA If they won’t recognize it, other countries will. “

‘UFO Revolution’ documentary shows UAP flyovers over military bases, ‘blowing up decades of conspiracy’: Expert

“ACORN”: An FA-18 pilot and a weapons systems officer captured these photos of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) flying over Oceania on March 4, 2019. Photo credit: George Knapp/

“AARO was formed in the first place because of the past mishandling of UFO issues by our government agencies,” Kobel said. “It was set up to address the reality and cover-up of UFOs and to defend against the dangerous and real possibility of a strategic surprise attack.

“Historical review is an attempt to rewrite history and cover up the basic facts of the UFO phenomenon.”

The purpose of the 63-page report “is not to prove or disprove any particular belief, but to use rigorous analytical and scientific methods to investigate past USG-funded UAP investigative efforts,” and claims the government and private contractors are hiding Alien technology and biological materials.

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Navy UFO sightings

The U.S. Navy photographed a “pyramid-shaped” UFO hovering over the USS Russell aircraft carrier off the coast of California in July 2019. ((@JeremyCorbell))

The report states that the “vast majority” of reported UFOs or UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon) are “the result of misidentification.”

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The Pentagon acknowledged that there was “insufficient justification” for the Intelligence Community Controlled Access program to be expanded in 2021 to protect UAP reverse engineering.

But the program never resumed alien spacecraft and was dismissed “due to lack of merit,” the report said.

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Canada to release its own report: ‘Very interesting…stay tuned’

As this debate rages on in the United States, canadian official The UAP phenomenon was addressed earlier this week.

Mona Nemer, the country’s top science adviser, told lawmakers they were nearing completion of the report, which should be released in late summer or early fall.

“I think our report is going to be very fascinating in terms of history, so stay tuned,” Nemer told Canada’s parliamentary science and research committee on Tuesday.

Nemer said they had been in contact with their counterparts in the United States and France, and “the response has been mixed in enthusiasm.”

“Historical review is an attempt to rewrite history and cover up the basic facts of the UFO phenomenon.”

—Investigative journalist Jeremy Kober

“Sometimes information is more complete or more mysterious than we would like, which is why in some cases I engage directly with the deputy minister to make sure we have the information we need,” Nemer said.

Highlights from the Pentagon report

Other findings raised in the report include widespread public distrust of government and “perceived bureaucratic obstacles” and high levels of secrecy associated with government. military plan and the growing interest in UFOs.

Judging from the burgeoning interest in UFOs, a topic once considered taboo, it ruined his career, much like Bob Lazar’s experience after being forced into exile and hiding. It also has its own characteristics. Super Bowl commercial.

Air Force Brigadier General. Defense Department spokesman Gen. Pat Ryder said there was no evidence that Congress “illegally or improperly” withheld any information.

UFO ‘hotspot’ map reveals series of sightings linked to atomic bombs and war zones

UFO UAP hotspot map

UFO hotspot map created by Fox News Digital based on information from the Department of Defense. (Julia Bonavita/Fox News figures based on data from AARO)

“We found that claims about hidden plans were largely the result of a cycle of reporting by a small group of people who repeated what they had heard from others, and that many people sincerely misinterpreted real events, mistaking sensitive U.S. plans for It’s UAP or alien exploitation,” he said.

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In a statement accompanying the report, the Defense Department said its conclusions were based on “verifiable evidence.”

“Investigative work at all classification levels concluded that most sightings were of ordinary objects and phenomena and were the result of misidentification,” the statement said.

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Reaction to UFO reports

Many whistleblowers and elected officials expressed displeasure with the report on social media or in interviews.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., one of the most outspoken members on UFOs, wrote on X: “So those who are covering up the truth #UFO #uap Said they found no cover-up. A classic self-fulfilling prophecy. “

‘Mosul ball’: US silent on military’s UFO footage over Iraq

Burchett warned in a previous interview that humans “can’t handle” the technology he saw in the video.

“If they’re there, they’re there, if they have the technology, then they can Turn us into charcoal,” Burchett said on the “Event Horizon” podcast.

“If they can travel light years or at the speeds that we’ve seen, and the physics that we know, fly underwater, don’t show thermal wakes, that kind of thing, then we’re well out of our reach.”

Orb of Mosul

The “Mosul Ball” was recorded by a military reconnaissance aircraft over Mosul, Iraq, in 2016. (Jeremy Corbell)

UFO Whistleblower at House Subcommittee Hearing on July 26, 2023

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, former Navy Commander David Fravor and former U.S. intelligence officer David Grush testified before a House subcommittee dedicated to UFOs. (House National Security, Border and Foreign Affairs Subcommittee)

Lue Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program good trouble show “It is inconceivable that the Pentagon continues on this path of obscurity and denial.”

“Our adversaries have officially stated that they have their own UAP programs. Isn’t that important to the Pentagon?” Elizondo said. “Not only is this report inaccurate, many of its claims are misleading.

Read the full Pentagon UFO report

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“Furthermore, this is yet another example in a long line of missteps by the Pentagon in recent history. It is a sad day for democracy when misinformation is fed to the American public under the guise of truth and transparency.”

Fox News Digital Channel Luis Cassiano contributed to this report.

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