Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner declines to retry decade-old mass shooting

A philadelphia A prosecutor announced Monday that there will be no retrial over the 2011 shooting that injured four people, including a 6-year-old girl, and sent the 17-year-old to prison for more than a decade.

A federal judge closed the case against C.J. Rice, 30, months after he found defense attorneys flawed and the evidence “weak” during his 2013 trial. Rice had been serving a 30- to 60-year sentence until he was released late last year following a federal court ruling.

The case was formally dismissed on Monday District Attorney Larry Krasner Decided not to try again. While he said most of the 45 acquittals his office upheld were more clear-cut cases of innocence, he found that revisiting the evidence in Rice’s case made the picture more nuanced.

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“This case falls into about 15 percent (of innocence cases), and we think that part of the situation is unclear,” Krasner said at a news conference. His defense attorney also disputed this view.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner speaks with members of the media during a press conference on October 13, 2022 in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Locke, File)

The reversal depends on several key points. A surgeon testified that Rice could not have been the one who ran from the scene because Rice was seriously injured in a shooting three weeks ago and suffered a fractured pelvis.

Rice was shot and killed on Sept. 3, 2011, in what he said was a case of mistaken identity. His trial attorney, now deceased, agreed to stipulate that one of the victims of the Sept. 25, 2011, shooting was a potential suspect in Rice’s shooting, providing prosecutors with a motive even though there was little evidence of that.

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“The evidence of (his) guilt was thin. Only one of the four victims was able to identify him, and she admitted that she last saw (him) at least four years before the shooting. No weapons were recovered,” U.S. District Judge Carol Sandra Moore-Wells wrote in her October report.

Rice was released from prison in December but did not attend Monday’s court hearing. His attorney said at a news conference that the case echoes many wrongful convictions, including faulty eyewitness identifications, ineffective counsel and prosecutorial overreach.

Nilam Sanghvi, Legal Director Pennsylvania Innocence ProjectHe said crimes should be investigated thoroughly before trial, not years later.

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“It takes courage to face the mistakes of the past,” she said, while adding, “We can never truly right them because we can’t undo the years — in this case, more than a decade of CJ’s life — lost to false beliefs. “

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