Pope Francis criticizes Ukraine’s ‘white flag’ rhetoric

Ukraine’s leader has strongly rejected Pope Francis’ suggestion to negotiate with Russia to end the war – his use of the term “white flag” drawing particular scorn – and reiterated that the country will never surrender.

In a recent interview, Francis used the term “white flag,” echoing a reporter’s words that some interpreted as a call for surrender.

President Zelensky responded to the pope in an evening speech on Sunday without mentioning him by name.

Praise for Ukrainian pastors on the front lines, Zelenskiy Said: “This is the Church – it is with people, not somewhere two thousand and five kilometers away, and actually mediates between those who want to live and those who want to destroy you.”

Zelensky says ‘peace plan must be Ukrainian’ after meeting Pope Francis

foreign secretary Dmytro Kuleba Urging the Vatican to support the Ukrainian people’s “just struggle for survival,” he wrote: “Our flag is blue and yellow. Under it we live, die, and win. We will not raise any other flag. .” He thanked Francis for his prayers for peace and urged him to visit Ukraine.

The controversy prompted clarification from relevant departments Holy See.

Spokesman Matteo Bruni said: “The Pope used the term ‘white flag’ and responded by picking up the image raised by the interviewer to show that hostilities had ceased and that a truce had been reached through the courage of negotiations,” he added The pope said there would never be “surrender” in the negotiations.

Ukraine’s allies also criticized the remarks.

“For the sake of balance, how about encouraging Putin to have the courage to withdraw troops from Ukraine?” Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski The X reads: “Peace will come immediately without negotiation.”

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