President Biden’s sneaker choice sparks social media curiosity

Biden’s “maximum stability” sneaker is drawing attention on social media: “Air Biden.” ——AFP

President Joe Biden is attracting a lot of attention, not only for his “Maximum Stability” sneakers, which are believed to be designed to help prevent falls, but also for his latest fashion choices that are generating a lot of buzz on social media people’s discussions, independent the report said.

recent Internal version Reports accused the president of stepping out of Marine One wearing Hoka-branded casual sneakers, sending fans into a tailspin.

The “Hoka Transport” shoe has a “wide base” that is said to provide great stability. This shoe is designed to be very comfortable for those who walk or hike.

Despite his previous obstacles and falls, the shoes remain convenient, with people wearing the soles comparing them to the feeling of “like walking on air.”

But the debate over the issue took on a new dimension on the internet after people started voicing concerns about his age and intelligence. abc news/Ipsos poll noted that 86% of Americans believe he is too old to be re-elected.

RNC Research shoe”.

Now, while the quality of the Hoka shoes was mentioned, the comment went on to say, “I wouldn’t want the president to be seen wearing them.” Another reason was also revealed. Just recently, Biden told people he suffers from neuropathy (sensory peripheral neuropathy), which causes him to fall and trip.

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