Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Berkeley City Council meeting

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pro-palestine protesters Interrupting the Berkeley City Council’s speech, Californiachanted “Zionist pigs!” and “End Israel!” on Tuesday during a meeting that included a vote on commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day, video of the event shared by the Jewish Community Relations Council showed.

The anti-Israel mob also accused members of being promoters of “genocide,” “traitors to this country” and “spies for Israel.”

The protesters appeared to claim that council members had been “bought” by the Jewish community, according to the city council.

“How much did these – how much did you pay?” someone can be heard shouting in the video. He added, “Cowards! Go chase the money! You money suckers!”

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Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a City Council meeting in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday. (JCRC Bay Area)

The council shared the videos on .There was nothing on the conference agenda about the Israel-Hamas war. Demonstrators called Jews “Zionist pigs,” intimidated a Holocaust survivor, stole a Jew’s cell phone and threw it at the podium, and suggesting that city council members were bribed by the Jewish community. Warning: Explicit language.”

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Protesters also repeatedly chanted “Lies!” while 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Susanne DeWitt urged the city council to pass a Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation because of a “surge in anti-Semitism.”

When DeWitt addressed the Security Council and talked about the 1,200 Israelis killed by Hamas and Women were “tortured and raped.”

The JCRC said De Wit was taken to the Dachau concentration camp when he was 4 years old.

“Stop the heckling,” DeWitt said, turning to the protesters in the room as the moderator tried to silence them. “Stop lying!” one protester replied.

“This is a Zionist stronghold,” another protester later claimed, pointing to Council members. “The city of Berkeley, the people of Berkeley love Palestine.”

Protesters bang on glass doors of UC Berkeley building

Anti-Israel protesters bang on the door of a building on the UC Berkeley campus where an Israeli soldier is scheduled to speak at an event hosted by a Jewish student group in February. (Elijah Feldman)

The protests come as the UC Berkeley campus is inundated with pro-Palestinian protests Concerns about anti-Semitism The number of students at the school has risen since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out and Hamas terrorists launched unprovoked attacks on Israel in October.

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Last month, pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted rallies in Israel Military speaking events On the Berkeley campus, insults were screamed at Jewish attendees as they were.

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