Pro-Ukrainian wifi name lands Russian student in jail

More than 260 people are currently serving prison sentences in Russia for crimes related to taking an anti-war stance

In a bizarre incident, a Russian university student was sentenced to 10 days in jail by a Moscow court for having his Wi-Fi router emblazoned with a pro-Ukrainian slogan: Russian media the report said.

According to the independent Russian Telegram news channel, Oleg Tarasov, a student at Moscow State University, renamed his WIFI router “Slava Ukraini”, which means “Glory of Ukraine” – a tribute The approach became popular during the Russian-Ukrainian War. Ostrozhno News Agency.

State-owned radioimmunoassay According to reports, Tarasov was found guilty of propaganda and “public display of Nazi symbols” by Moscow’s Nikulinsky District Court on Thursday, and authorities confiscated his router.

More than 260 people are currently in prison in the country for crimes related to their anti-war stance, according to Russian human rights group OVD-Info, which has documented the detention of more than 20,000 people.

Russia’s repressive atmosphere worsened after Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny died in mid-February in a Russian penal colony north of the Arctic Circle.

His death was largely ignored by Russian state media, and hundreds of people were reportedly detained for attending impromptu commemorations.

Amid a heavy police presence, thousands of mourners – some of whom chanted “Putin is a killer” or “say no to war” – gathered for Navalny in Moscow earlier this month despite threats of arrest. funeral. At least 103 people were detained in 20 Russian cities, OVD-Info reported.

With tightly controlled elections next week in which the country’s only anti-war candidate is barred from running, Putin’s rule could extend into the 2030s.

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