Putin warns West that Russia is ready for nuclear war

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if Russia’s national status, sovereignty or independence are threatened, but he expressed hope that the United States will not take actions that may trigger a nuclear conflict.

Putin’s announcement was another blunt warning to the West ahead of this week’s presidential election in which he is almost certain to win another six-year term.

In an interview with Russian state television earlier on Wednesday, Putin described U.S. President Joe Biden as a veteran statesman who fully understood the dangers of escalation and said he did not believe the world was heading toward nuclear war.

At the same time, he said that Russia’s nuclear forces are fully prepared and “from a military and technical perspective, we are ready.”

Putin said Moscow was prepared to use nuclear weapons if “the existence of the Russian state, our sovereignty and independence” were threatened.

Since launching his invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Russian leader has repeatedly stated that he is prepared to use nuclear weapons. The latest such threat came in his State of the Union address last month, when he warned the West to deepen its sanctions on Ukraine. Participation in the fighting in Ukraine would risk the outbreak of nuclear war.

Asked in the interview whether he had considered using battlefield nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Putin said there was no need.

He also expressed confidence that Moscow would achieve its goals in Ukraine and left the door open to negotiations, stressing that any deal would require firm guarantees from the West.

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Putin said a recent surge in Ukrainian drone strikes inside Russia was part of an effort to undermine the country’s three-day presidential election, which begins on Friday and which he is almost certain to win.

Russian authorities reported earlier Wednesday another major attack by Ukrainian drones. One of the drones struck an oil refinery in the Ryazan region, injuring at least two people and causing a fire. Another drone was shot down as it approached an oil refinery near St. Petersburg, and 30 more drones were shot down in the southwest region of Voronezh.

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