Queensland leader says magpie Molly and dog Peggy can be reunited

Peggy and Molly are typical best friends. They hang out. Play. Bask in the sun.

But in one important way, they are an unusual pair: Peggy is a dog and Molly is a magpie.

In 2020, a couple in Queensland, Australia rescued Molly After she fell out of the nest. The magpie, a highly intelligent species that is part of the crow family, formed a bond with Peggy, a Staffordshire terrier, and became a social media celebrity.

via their Instagram account @peggyandmollyJuliette Wells and Reece Mortensen document stories of dogs and magpies Daily adventures for 730,000 fans.They also published Book about Peggy and Molly, and sells calendars and postcards featuring the duo.

But Peggy and Molly’s growing popularity has also drawn the attention of wildlife authorities.authorities succeeded The request came after complaints from the public that Molly be placed in their care, saying Wells and Mortensen did not have the proper licenses to care for wild birds.

Fans of Peggy and Molly are now mobilizing to reunite the pair.

“Help us work to bring Molly the Magpie home,” Mortensen said in a video posted to them. Instagram page, asking their followers to email local members of parliament and officials at the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) with their cases.an online petition There were more than 76,000 signatures Thursday night.

after Public outcry, Queensland Premier Steven Myers explain On Thursday, wildlife authorities were “ready to train Molly’s parents to become wildlife caregivers and get them the correct certifications so Molly can be reunited with her family.”

“What I’m most interested in here is what’s in the best interests of this animal,” said Myers, the head of state government in northeastern Australia. “A way must be found within the rules to allow Molly to live a happy life with her family.”

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Although Queensland’s wildlife regulations state that “some exotic and native birds may be kept privately”, Licensed Wildlife Care Volunteer Injured wild animals can be raised and cared for long-term. DESI spokesperson Tell ABC said Molly the magpie “was taken from the wild and illegally raised without a permit, license or authorization”.

Although Molly’s owners said they had made “every effort” to obtain the correct licenses and training, they handed her over to DESI this month.

Wells and Mortensen decided it was in Molly’s best interest to stay with them. “We’re asking why a wild magpie can’t decide for itself where it wants to live and who it wants to spend time with,” they wrote on Instagram.

Peggy and Molly are recently caught animals Tensions between pet owners and wildlife authorities. Social media videos of animals exhibiting unusual or human-like behavior are growing in popularity, but experts say many wild animals are not suitable to live in domesticated environments and warn animals and their owners are at risk from the spread of disease.

Wells said she was walking outside in the fall of 2020 when she encountered a baby magpie that had fallen from its nest. She said she saved the magpie from “certain death” and brought it home.

“Peggy needs something to nurture, and Molly needs something to nurture,” explain A website about their story and the two became “best friends”.

About a year later, Peggy gave birth to five puppies. According to the site, Molly “became very close to all of them” and “now has an incredible bond with one of them named Ruby.”

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For the past three and a half years, videos have been posted almost daily on the @peggyandmolly Instagram account showing Molly, Peggy and Ruby sharing toys and napping next to each other in the sun, suggesting the magpies have even learned to imitate Peggy and Ruby The cry.

In another video, Molly Covering his friend with wings on the dog bed.

Wells said that despite the popularity of the videos, A complaint has been made to the authorities regarding Molly’s condition.Cat Coakes is a wildlife carer Tell She complained about Molly to the ABC, saying animals should not be used as “clickbait”.

“In the long run it’s not going to want to stay and play with pets – it’s a magpie,” Cox told the ABC.

Australian authorities are warning the public that some magpies may become “aggressive towards humans” when defending their nests, particularly during the so-called “magpie swooping season”, which typically Between July and November.video Australians are being chased Magpie’s comments have gone viral, Queensland government warn The public “stay away from magpies”.

Molly is now in the care of DESI, which is investigating Magpie’s case. “Animals in rehabilitation should not be socialized with livestock as they may be stressed and there is a risk of behavioral imprinting and disease transmission,” a spokesperson told the ABC.

“Unfortunately,” the spokesperson added, in Molly’s case, the bird “had become highly accustomed to human contact and could not be released back into the wild.”

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