Russian spy service accuses US of trying to interfere in presidential election

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign intelligence service on Monday accused the United States of trying to interfere in Russia’s presidential election and said Washington was even planning a cyberattack on online voting systems.

Putin, who is almost certain to win the March 15-17 presidential election, warned the West that any attempt by foreign powers to interfere with the vote would be seen as an act of aggression.

Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service said in a statement that it had information that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration had begun interfering in the election, state media reported.

“Based on information received by the Russian Federal Foreign Intelligence Service, the Biden administration is setting a task for US non-governmental organizations to achieve a reduction in turnout,” SVR reported.

“A planned cyber attack on remote electronic voting systems, with the participation of top American IT experts, would prevent the votes of a significant proportion of Russian voters from being counted,” SVR said.

The SVR, the main successor to the KGB’s First Directorate foreign spy agency, has provided no evidence to support its claims. There was no immediate reaction from Washington.

The West views Putin as a dictator, war criminal and killer who led Russia on an imperial land grab that weakened Russia and established Ukrainian statehood while uniting the West and giving NATO a post-Cold War mission.

Putin sees the war in Ukraine as an existential battle between “holy” Russian civilization and an arrogant West, which he says is in cultural, political and economic decline and is seeking to humiliate Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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The Kremlin said last week that Russia would not interfere in November’s U.S. presidential election, dismissing U.S. findings that Moscow orchestrated campaigns to influence the 2016 and 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

Russia’s top leader Vladimir Putin dropped a string of sarcastic remarks about the US election since the last day of 1999, saying he believed Joe Biden was a better candidate to be the next US president than Donald Trump.

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