Russia’s ruling party ‘under cyber attack’ during polls

Russia’s ruling United Russia party said on Saturday that its online operations were facing a widespread denial-of-service attack, a type of cyber attack that disrupts internet use, and that it had suspended non-essential services to fend off the attack.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is running as an independent candidate in Russia’s presidential election with the support of United Russia, has accused Ukraine of trying to undermine the election, which he is almost certain to win.

Overall turnout – an important indicator for Putin as he seeks to demonstrate that the country is behind him – rose above 50% on the second day of voting.

This proportion exceeds 70% in the Belgorod region where cross-border strikes in Ukraine have become part of daily life.

The main focus will be the third day of voting on Sunday, when Navalny’s supporters call on people to vote en masse at noon in rolling protests against Putin across the country’s 11 time zones.

Protesters who tried to set fire to polling stations and pour dye into ballot boxes during Russia’s presidential election were “traitors” who were helping the country’s enemies, former president Dmitry Medvedev said.

“This is direct aid to the depraved elements who shelled our cities today,” he said in a Telegram post, referring to the attack in Ukraine.

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