Six missing people feared dead after rescue efforts suspended

On March 26, the Dali cargo ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, causing the bridge to collapse. — Reuters
  • The Singapore-flagged cargo ship is sailing to Sri Lanka.
  • Rescuers successfully rescued two survivors.
  • Authorities praised the timely intervention to stop the traffic.

A bridge in Baltimore collapsed violently, sending at least six people into the Patapsco River, where rescue operations were halted 18 hours after the accident and were expected to be dead. Reuters According to the report,

After the collapse, officials with the U.S. Coast Guard and Maryland State Police made grim estimates, saying there was little chance of finding the six other people missing amid the ice and the passage of time.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning when the Singapore-flagged container Dali collided with a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Rescuers were able to rescue two survivors, one of whom was hospitalized. However, about 18 hours after the disaster occurred, intensive search and rescue operations had to be stopped.

The staff responsible for bridge maintenance encountered an unexpected bridge collapse during emergency repairs.

Authorities praised timely intervention to stop traffic after the vessel lost power, thus preventing further casualties.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore said at a news conference hours later: “These people were able to stop cars from driving across the bridge, and they are heroes. They saved lives last night.” Moore said the bridge complied with code and did not Known structural issues.

Governor Moore noted that the bridge meets safety standards to avoid any suspicion of criminal activity or the possibility of structural issues.

During the search mission over the past few days, the main goal was to find the missing persons and provide their families with the support they need during the difficult period following the horrific accident.

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