Taiwan joins Chinese rescue operation after boat capsizes near Kinmen

Taiwan and China are conducting a joint rescue operation to find two missing crew members after a fishing boat capsized near Taiwan’s Kinmen Islands.

The boat with six people on board sank at 6 a.m. Thursday (22:00 GMT Wednesday) about 1.07 nautical miles (about 2 kilometers) southwest of Dongding Island in the island chain, according to Taiwanese authorities.

Two people were confirmed dead and two were rescued.

The area is sensitive because Kinmen is only 5 kilometers (three miles) off China’s eastern coast.

The joint operation, which included six Chinese rescue ships, comes a month after Taiwan’s coast guard chased a Chinese fishing boat in the area, killing two people and heightening tensions between Taipei and Beijing.

Coast Guard Chief Zhou Meiwu told a parliamentary committee that Taiwan sent four ships after Chinese authorities asked for help.

He said requests for assistance from China were common and 119 people had been rescued in the past three years or so.

“The waters around the Jin-Xiamen Line are narrow [area] Cooperation between Taiwan and China is very important,” he said, referring to the cities on opposite sides of the Taiwan Strait.

After last month’s incident, the Chinese Coast Guard began regular patrols around the Kinmen Islands. The company has also been criticized in Taiwan for briefly boarding a Taiwanese cruise ship and causing panic among passengers.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own territory and has not ruled out using force to achieve its goals.

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