Tim Tebow partners with Sentinel Foundation to rescue 59 disabled children from Haiti

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football legend Tim Tebow His foundation worked with a nonprofit team of combat veterans to evacuate dozens of disabled orphans from Haiti, but thousands remain stranded on the troubled island nation.

The operation comes as the troubled country faces danger and famine, with the gangs freeing thousands of prisoners and the prime minister’s sudden resignation. Tebow has long been known for his charity work in troubled countries, partnering with the Sentinel Foundation, which helped evacuate Americans from Afghanistan in 2021, sending children to safety in Jamaica.

“We are deeply grateful today,” an official with the Tim Tebow Foundation, who only gave Steve’s first name, said of the operation. “We are deeply grateful to the Ministry of Health of Jamaica and The Ministry of National Security and Foreign Affairs of Jamaica expresses its deep gratitude for the reception of 59 severely disabled children from Haiti who are now out of danger and relocated to a new, safe and secure community.”

The group also praised Florida State (Tebow starred for the University of Florida in the early 2000s) and Florida Republican Rep. Cory Mills.

The two foundations joined forces to provide operational support and funding under the direction of Mills, who had Two other rescue operations were also carried out Haiti’s crime crisis remains dire.

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“I’m always happy to provide support and resources to groups like this; they’re more than allies, they’re brothers,” Mills said of his work with the foundation. “Their mission of bringing vulnerable people home is something I wholeheartedly support.”

Operation Sentinel officer Austin Holmes told Fox Digital News that changing conditions make it difficult to plan operations using land, air and sea methods.

“Perhaps the biggest obstacle in our mission is the rapidly changing and tightening of restrictions in host countries such as the United States and the Dominican Republic,” Operation Sentinel Officer Austin Holmes said of the operation.

Holmes added: “We understand they are seeking protection, but when you effectively exclude the private sector, which is much more responsive and capable and often more entrepreneurial, you limit the level of care and Reduce the number of people served.” “This remains a major obstacle to the humanitarian crisis facing Haiti.”

Haitian children with disabilities

Myles Humphus with disabled patients being treated by the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. (Sentinel Foundation)

Holmes explained that this meant approval from the non-existent Haitian government was still needed to satisfy U.S. diplomatic requirements.

“The U.S. government still asked us for documents related to Haiti even though there was no Haitian government,” he said.

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Crime in Haiti has escalated sharply after Ariel Henry resigned as acting prime minister earlier this month, succumbing to the demands of gangs that increasingly control the country.

Tebow won two national championships and a Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida before playing quarterback in the NFL for three years, primarily with the Denver Broncos.Throughout his career, the devout Christian has been active in a variety of philanthropic causes, including Combating child traffickinghelp children Special needs Helping poor countries build health care facilities. In 2022, he published a book, “mission possible,” about his humanitarian work.

Tebow’s team contacted Sentinel and informed them of the situation, and Sentinel did its best to get the 59 children out of the country, despite not knowing where they would go after the Dominican Republic closed some pathways and limited their options.

Sentinel teams help transport children across borders by land, sea and air. Sentinel is already planning at least five other operations to help people leave Haiti, all building on the knowledge and experience gained from their most recent rescue and their extensive experience in rescue operations.

boat rescue mission

The second half of the team was working to intercept the vessel en route to pick up Haitian passengers.

Members of the Sentinel team have participated in rescue operations in foreign crises, including from Afghanistan during the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country. Due to the fluid nature of the operation, they had to rely more on their experience than they would otherwise have, which prevented the team from doing any practice before the rescue.

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“I would say we have done absolutely zero trials and we have people who are regularly trained or have done this in the military or at least have a public record of what we need them to do, whether it’s swimming, medical Or a general operator,” a Sentinel member named TJ told Fox News Digital.

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“But until we do that, we don’t know what to do in the field,” he said.

The U.S. State Department also Evacuate at least 30 Americans A government-chartered flight took off from the island nation earlier this week amid delays in taking action as the crisis initially worsened. One official told Fox News the number could be as high as 47.

Sentinel Project Meeting

As borders are closed and restrictions tighten around Haiti, the team is actively developing dozens of solutions to gain access to Haiti. (Sentinel Foundation)

The U.S. government then Assisted the evacuation of more than 230 U.S. citizens Next week from Haiti

“We continue to monitor in real time the need for assistance from U.S. citizens leaving Haiti,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement, reiterating that Americans should not travel to Haiti.

The U.S. military last week deployed additional troops to bolster security and evacuate non-essential personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, which is located in a neighborhood largely controlled by gangs.

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“There are 30,000 children in Haiti who belong to non-profit organizations run by American citizens,” TJ said. “Most of them have no leadership now because everyone has to leave.”

“We successfully evacuated 59 of those 30,000 children. Of those 30,000 children, not all of those children had a place to go, and not all of those children had special needs or were high-risk,” he said. “We picked the kids that were the highest risk, most likely to succeed, and we chose them because I’d rather save some people than not save them at all.”

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