Trudeau’s botched wildfire response makes Canada continent’s most polluted country: critics

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a new one air quality report Canada had the worst air pollution levels among North American countries in 2023, a study found, and critics say the Trudeau government’s scattered response to the disaster could make the situation worse.

“2023 is the first time in our reporting history that Canadian PM2.5 levels have been this high,” IQAir North America public relations manager Natasha Ganes told Fox News Digital. “The wildfires in the summer of 2023 not only damaged air quality across Canada; This affects U.S. air quality because of cross-border smog and air pollution that crosses borders.”

“PM2.5 levels in Alberta spiked nearly nine times in May 2023 compared to the same period in 2022,” Ganes added. “In fact, as a result of these fires, most of the 10 most polluted cities in Canada in 2023 were Some of them are in Alberta.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau It continues to sound the alarm on climate change, and even stated in 2021 that “climate action is urgent” and promised to “build a green economy” while striving to “reduce pollution and build a cleaner future for everyone.”

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A spokesman for Canada’s Emergency Preparedness Minister Harjit Sajjan told Fox News Digital: “The Government of Canada believes in science. Climate change is real and respects no borders. Denial is no longer an option.”

“That’s why Canada has taken multiple steps to prepare for and adapt to climate change and its relentless impacts,” the spokesman said, noting that 90 per cent of the country’s forests are owned and managed by the provinces, with the federal government coordinating with them to respond. Fire crisis.

An aerial view of wildfires near Tatkin Lake, British Columbia, on July 10, 2023. (BC Wildfire Service/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Despite his warnings, he has taken little real action to address the crisis. In the wake of the wildfires, Trudeau has dismissed concerns that his government is exacerbating the crisis by failing to update forest management policies, continually upgrade firefighting facilities and reject calls for a national firefighting service.

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The Fraser Institute, a Canadian libertarian conservative think tank, acknowledged that although global warming is happeningSimply blaming forest fires on environmental conditions, as Trudeau did in early summer 2023, ignores ongoing problems with domestic policy and infrastructure.

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Citing the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Fraser Institute in an article on the increasing frequency and duration of Canada’s “fire seasons” says climate officials are giving the possibility that climate change itself will lead to an increase in “fire weather.” “Medium confidence”.

By late summer 2023, Trudeau began discussing infrastructure funding, suggesting his government should consider federal spending in these areas.

Speaking to local leaders in British Columbia, Trudeau responded: “I think we need to start doing research around emergencies and we certainly need to do research around infrastructure investment.”

Trudeau attends Montreal aviation industry press conference

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to sound the alarm about climate change. (Andrei Ivanov/AFP via Getty Images)

“This is something that we take fully seriously, our infrastructure minister and others will be fully engaged in it, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with provincial and municipal leaders to address these challenges in a collaborative manner,” Trudeau added.

Minister Sajjan’s spokesman insisted that “Canada’s preparedness is solid and will continue to evolve as we learn from these events.”

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“We are working with provinces and territories to invest heavily in firefighting training and purchasing the specialized firefighting equipment needed… including training for First Nations and are identifying barriers to training,” the spokesperson said, noting that the government There is a stronger push for firefighting training. Invest in disaster preparedness and improve habitat restoration.

“To reduce wildland fire risk, we are strengthening Canada’s FireSmart program and are creating a Center of Excellence for Wildland Fire Innovation and Resilience,” the spokesperson added. “We are also releasing a national risk profile to better understand where across the country risks and strengthen our preparedness.”

The latest air quality report released annually by Swiss technology company IQAir examines PM2.5 air quality at 30,000 monitoring stations in 134 countries, regions and regions.

PM2.5 particles are fine particulate matter 2.5 microns or smaller in diameter, typically produced by burning gasoline, oil, diesel or wood, and concentrations are measured in micrograms per cubic meter of air.

Canada recorded a jump in concentrations from 7.4 to 10.3, but an IQAir spokesman acknowledged the jump was likely due to the extreme fire season. 2023 ravages this country.

Woman taking photo of New York sky

A person wearing a mask takes a picture of the skyline in New York City on June 7, 2023, as smoke from wildfires in Canada causes smog. Orange smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed New York on Wednesday, obscuring its famous skyscrapers and causing residents to wear masks as cities along the U.S. East Coast issued air quality alerts. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images) (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

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According to the Guardian, the wildfires claimed the lives of nine people (including eight firefighters and one child) and burned an area of ​​45.7 million acres, roughly twice the size of Portugal. The fires burned so fiercely that smoke even polluted parts of the United States, creating an unfamiliar atmosphere. The sky turns orange or even red.

Yellowknife is a city in a more remote area of ​​Canada. 20,000 people evacuated As the fire raged. The IQAir report shows Yellowknife’s average concentration jumped significantly from around 4.63 between 2017 and 2021 to 20.8 in 2023.

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India was rated Air pollution is the worstAll but eight of the 50 most polluted cities are within its borders, with the concentration in Begusarai, the most polluted city, being 118.9.

The most polluted city in the United States is Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, followed by Forest Park, Georgia, and Cave Junction, Oregon. Coraopolis has a concentration of 19.3.

The Prime Minister’s Office of Canada had not responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment as of press time.

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