Trump blasts New York civil trial as ‘fraud on me’ after judge allows him to speak during closing arguments

former president Donald Trump Tell the New York judge presiding over him civil fraud trial On Thursday, he was an “innocent man,” while attorneys with the state attorney general’s office painted him as a liar who routinely lied about his net worth in order to line his pockets with more money. .

“It’s now up to me and I will try to make a final decision by January 31,” Judge Arthur Engoron said after both sides made closing arguments in the case. Trump loses up to $370 million and saw him permanently banned from the New York real estate industry where he made his name.

The trial begins on October 2, testimony packaging Mid-December. The case will be decided by Engoron as it is a court trial without a jury.

On Thursday, Trump finally addressed the judge directly, two to three minutes after his attorney Chris Case asked the former president if he could speak during closing arguments. Kise told the judge that “no one was more affected” in the case than Trump.

Ngolon declined a similar request in an email Wednesday after Kaiser and Trump disagreed to avoid personal attacks in his proposed closing arguments. On Thursday, after Trump’s lawyers completed their summaries, Ngolon told Trump he could speak for up to five minutes but to “focus on the facts of the case.” Trump did not agree to speak immediately.

“What we have is, I’m an innocent man,” Trump told the judge. “They should pay for what I went through.”

“This is not consumer fraud,” Trump added. “This is not fraud. This is fraud on me.”

Despite the judge’s warning, Trump hurled a number of insults at the judge and New York Attorney General Letitia James. “I know this is boring to you. I know you have your own agenda,” Trump angrily told the judge as he spoke from the defense table. He suggested that James “hated” him and “didn’t want him elected” and called the case a “witch hunt,” leading Ngorong to warn Kise to “please get a hold of your client.”

James, who attended the proceedings, later told reporters the case “has never been about politics.”

“This case is about facts and law, and Mr. Donald Trump violated the law,” she said.

Kevin Wallace of the attorney general’s office said in closing arguments that Trump’s financial statements were false “by more than $1 billion each year” between 2011 and 2021. “The focus of the trial is ‘What did the defendants know and when did they know it?'” “Did they have intent when they manipulated annual financial statements as part of a conspiracy…did they know it?” The answer is yes. ,” Wallace said.

Andrew Amer, another lawyer in the attorney general’s office, cited several examples of what he called intentional fraud, including that Trump treated his Mar-a-Lago resort as a private residence even though the agreement stipulated it was only for Can be used as a social club. Trump also claims his Trump Tower triplex is three times the size and estimated value, a financial statement signed by Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg , even after he was told the apartment was 10,000 square feet, the statement valued it at over $300 million instead of 30,000 square feet. “This was clearly an attempt to defraud,” Amir said.

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Amir said Trump was the one responsible for preparing the documents and “the responsibility rests with him.”

The former president did not attend closing arguments from the attorney general’s office. He also held a news conference at the nearby 40 Wall Street property, one of the key buildings in the case. He told reporters there that James was a “political hack” and “we’ve proven that so conclusively.”

The judge’s decision could have a huge impact on Trump’s business. The case is just one of several legal issues surrounding the former president, who is seeking a second term in the White House.Trump faces the prospect of Up to four criminal trials This year also saw a multimillion-dollar damages trial related to a defamation suit against author E. Jean Carroll.

Trump, speaking to reporters on his way into the court, denied any wrongdoing and called the case “election interference at the highest level.”

James’ office files lawsuit accusing Trump and company of fraud exaggerate The value of his assets and properties also emerged in court in financial documents spanning more than a decade.

Protesters gathered outside the courthouse Thursday morning ahead of the final day of the trial, chanting “Thanks Tish!” and holding banners that read “No dictators in America.”

The entrance to the court is Thursday morning delay after police responded to a bomb threat at Ngorong’s home.

The debate began shortly after 10 a.m. ET. Kise spoke first and said that in 44 days of trial testimony, “not a single witness stated that Trump’s financial statements were fraudulent or found material misstatements” – a claim that the attorney general’s office disputed. “There is direct evidence of fraudulent intent,” Amir said.

Kise acknowledged that one witness who testified that Trump knew he was committing fraud was his former personal attorney Michael Cohen. But Kise denounced him as a “serial liar” admitted on the witness stand He has lied under oath before.

“He’s making up a story based on things that are convenient,” Kissey said of Cohen. “He hates President Trump and he makes money by denigrating President Trump. What better reason to come out here and create lies and get a lot of media attention for his blog.”

Kise also downplayed the overall importance of the financial statements, saying they were prepared by Trump’s trusted accountants and had no impact on the favorable interest rates Trump was able to obtain from banks where he borrowed money. He said the bank knew Trump and had “rolled out the red carpet” for him and that the attorney general should “praise President Trump as a business success.”

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Keys was followed by Haba, who represents the Trump Organization. She said the two Trump employees most responsible for the financial statements, Weisselberg and former senior vice president Jeff McConnell, were not accountants and relied on accounting firms they hired for guidance. She said Cohen portrayed the two men and Trump as “thug-like” and engaging in “collusion.” Haba said there was “no evidence” for this.

After her brief speech, attorney Cliff Robert represented Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. (Trump’s sons, who now run the company). He said the attorney general’s accusations against the pair “lacked evidence”. “There’s no case. There’s nothing there,” Robert said. “Not there.”

The attorney general is seeking to ban both sons from the New York real estate industry for five years. The attorney general is seeking lifetime bans against their fathers, Weisselberg and McConnell.

“They haven’t expressed any remorse,” Wallace said of Trump and his former executives. As for Trump, “Nothing is his fault. It’s all conspiracy, it’s all injustice. He’s the victim.”

Ngolon expressed doubts about whether the attorney general has shown Trump’s son had fraudulent intent. Amir said the pair signed off on the company’s financial statements after Trump took office in 2017 and took at least “no steps to fulfill their responsibilities” to ensure the statements were accurate.

The judge later said a recent court filing by the attorney general’s office also didn’t provide much evidence that the two were aware of the fraud.

James files suit against her $250 million lawsuit They are set to launch in 2022 after a yearlong investigation into the business practices of Trump, the Trump Organization and top executives including Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Prosecute them.Ngolon found before trial that Trump and his executives were involved Repeated and persistent fraud. One of the open questions is whether they had intent to defraud.

Trump insists his properties are worth even more than his inflated financial statements indicate. He also repeatedly argued that he should not have to pay any damages because he never defaulted on any loans or insurance policies.

Attorney General’s Office says Trump family ‘gained hundreds of millions of dollars Obtain illegitimate benefits through his illegal behavior. “

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