Two California men accused of killing Italian police officer return to court

Italy’s Supreme Court on Friday opened a new trial in the case of two American men who killed an undercover Italian police officer during a botched sting operation. Abandoned their beliefs.

Lawyer for the family of an American sentenced to life in prison for killing an Italian policeman says the sentence lacks “rationality and compassion”

Italy’s top appeals court ordered a new trial last year, saying it had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant, who had limited Italian language skills, understood he was dealing with Italian police when he went to meet a drug suspect. Distributor in Rome.

Gabriel Natale-Hoss, right, and Finnegan Lee Elder after being accused of killing Italian police officer Mario Cercillo Rega in Rome on Friday, March 8, 2024 Attend appeal trial. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale-Hjort sit side by side as the Court of Appeal hears the murder on July 26, 2019 The judge delivers opening remarks in the new trial. The two are being held in separate prisons near the Italian capital.

Video shows California postman fighting back after being punched

Friends from California were found guilty of the 2021 killing of Carabinieri Vice-Comodore Mario Cerciello Rega and four other counts and sentenced to life in prison, Italy’s harshest punishment. On appeal, Elder’s sentence was reduced to 24 years and Natale-Hyos’s sentence was reduced to 22 years.

Prosecutors allege that Elder, then 19, stabbed Sercillo Rega 11 times with a knife he had brought with him on a trip to Europe, while Natale-Hoss, then 18, helped him remove the knife. Hidden in a hotel room. Natale-Hoyos testified that he got into a scuffle with Sercillo Rega’s partner and was unaware of the stabbing as he ran back to the hotel.

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Two friends meet the police when they arrange to meet a small-time drug dealer who turns out to be a police informant to recover money lost in a bad deal and return a backpack they had taken in retaliation.

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Elder and Natale-Hoss, classmates from Northern California, spent a few days together in Rome, where Natale-Hoss has family.

35-year-old newlyweds were killed Sercillo Rega shocks Italianswho mourned him as a national hero.

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