UK ends terrorism probe into Adil Raja due to ‘lack of evidence’


LONDON: The Counter-Terrorism Policing Service South East (CTPSE) has dropped the terrorism case against social media activist and YouTuber former Pakistan Army officer Adil Raja and will therefore not be charged in connection with the May 9 terrorism of arrest and further action was taken against him to incite the case.

The Youtuber was arrested by detectives from Thames Valley Police CTPSE in the Chesham area on 12 June 2023 on suspicion of terrorism offenses in Pakistan in relation to the violence on 9 May , but the police have now decided to close the case because “a police source told this reporter that there was a “lack of evidence” that Raja was involved in terrorist activities.

The pro-Imran Khan social media activist was arrested under Section 59 of the UK’s Terrorism Act 2000.

Sources confirmed that Raja was arrested on September 5, 2023 on charges of “inciting non-British people to engage in terrorist activities outside the UK”, but police have decided to release the former officer “without charge”. and take no further action “after considering available evidence and other information.”

The police had previously disclosed geographical news On May 9 last year, violent riots broke out in Pakistan after the arrest of Imran Khan. Multiple military facilities were attacked. Raja was arrested on suspicion of “inciting terrorism.”

Pakistani authorities complained to the UK that Raja violated British law by live-streaming the broadcast with the CBC and Haider Mehdi, a retired Pakistani military officer, immediately after Khan’s arrest.

Raja was arrested more than a month after the May 9 violence, but Canadian police took no action against Mehdi.

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A police source said the counter-terrorism unit decided to close the investigation after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) advised that the realistic prospect of successfully prosecuting Raja was unrealistic due to “insufficient evidence”.

Based on evidence seen by reporters, Winchester Crown Court issued an arrest and search warrant for Adil Raja on June 12, 2022, under Section 9 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

During police questioning, Raja denied any involvement in inciting terrorism. He is represented by criminal defense expert Akhtar Ahmad of ABV Solicitors.

Under UK law, a decision not to prosecute can be reconsidered if a review of the decision shows that the decision was wrong and should not be allowed to stand.

After his arrest, Raja was released on bail three times while police examined evidence, including Raja’s computer equipment. Police have returned all electronic equipment, including his computer, and he is seeking compensation for damage to his computer during the investigation.

Raja arrived in the UK after Imran Khan’s government was voted out by parliament. Several cases have been registered against him in Pakistan, charges he denies being politically motivated. He lives outside London with his wife and children.

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