Ukraine will ‘lose the war’ if US doesn’t provide aid

Ukraine keeps fighting war with russia For more than two years, the United States and its European allies have provided defense assistance.

But as the war of attrition intensifies, Russia has made some modest gains recently and Ukraine is beginning to face the possibility that Washington may not provide more aid.

“It’s very scary, very serious,” George Barros, a Russian analyst and head of the Geospatial Intelligence Group at the Institute for War Studies, told Fox News Digital about Ukraine’s defense supply shortages.

Ukrainian soldiers from the 24th Brigade Mortar Team were seen taking up positions near Toletsk, Ukraine, on Tuesday as the war between Russia and Ukraine continued. (Wolfgang Schwan/Anadolu, Getty Images)

The Defense Minister said that France will soon deliver 78 howitzers to Ukraine to meet Kiev’s urgent needs

“The Ukrainians don’t actually have what it takes to mount a more successful defense,” he said. “The collective Western coalition supporting Ukraine has ensured that we will provide Ukraine with enough supplies and keep them hungry.”

“But we also gave them enough support so that they didn’t fail catastrophically,” he added.

Biden administration pledges continued support for Kyiv, but Congress can’t do anything Adopt substantive aid measures This means Ukrainian soldiers are bearing the brunt of the attack on the front lines.

“If they don’t get critical supplies, then I think there’s a good chance that Russia will have a breakthrough in 2024,” Barros said.

Kyiv and other European allies have repeatedly warned that if Russian President Vladimir Putin can gain a foothold in Ukraine, he is unlikely to stop there.

Barros noted that while the United States dominates the amount of military aid provided to Ukraine by a single country, Europe has significantly increased spending on defense aid to Ukraine.

Kiev hit by third bombing in five days as Russia steps up attacks on Ukrainian cities

“The EU and all its member states, including the UK, actually spend more on defense than the US in support of Ukraine,” he said. “Unfortunately, when the Europeans break ground on a new artillery or ammunition factory, it doesn’t come online immediately.”

“You don’t flip a switch and all of a sudden you have a huge output,” he added. “This will take years.”

“But until these plants are fully operational, the United States must continue to serve as this strategic bridge,” Barros said.

Slowing Ukraine’s ability to advance toward Russian lines or prevent it from making even small gains is more than just a lack of ammunition.

Ukraine’s air defenses are depleted.

Not only are Ukraine’s anti-aircraft missiles considered woefully inadequate and its air force degraded by years of fighting Soviet-era warplanes, but Russia has begun conducting deep attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine’s interior.

Ukrainian soldier

Ukrainian soldiers from the 24th Brigade Mortar Team were in position near Toletsk, Ukraine, on Tuesday. (Wolfgang Schwan/Anadolu, Getty Images)

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Barros explained that the Russian military regularly uses cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles and ballistic missiles to carry out intensive bombings of Ukrainian infrastructure such as dams, power plants and bridges. missiles from iran.

Although Ukraine does possess some air defense systems provided by international allies, such as the U.S. Patriot missile system, it does not have adequate defense capabilities Protect its internal infrastructure and its frontline position.

“The Russians have proven over the last three months that they are adapting, they are implementing some of the lessons learned, they are actually doing some military learning that is making the Russian military more efficient and more lethal,” Barros said.

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“We believe the Russians realize that if they time and sequence a major strategic strike against critical Ukrainian infrastructure while simultaneously using fighter-bombers to provide strike support and air support for frontline ground operations… They saturated Ukraine’s air defense bandwidth,” he added. “[Kyiv has] Is it to provide protection for forward positions or to provide protection for critical infrastructure in major strategic cities? “

The picture is taken from a video released by the Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense

This photo, taken from a video released by the Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense on March 13, shows a Ukrainian Armed Forces helicopter destroyed during a parachute jump at an undisclosed location in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. (Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Associated Press)

This strategy allows Russian pilots to fly combat missions close to Ukraine and launch glide bombs to further destroy Ukrainian positions.

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Barros warned that if Russia were able to gain undisputed air superiority, Moscow could begin carpet bombing operations as it did in Syria.

“Frankly, there’s no reason to suspect that the Russians wouldn’t do it,” he said.

Ukraine has largely been able to hold on to the front lines for a few months, but military experts agree that it cannot last much longer.

“If the United States does not continue to support Ukraine, Ukraine will lose this war,” Barros said.

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