Ukraine’s battlefield needs require advances in artificial intelligence

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This scenario has been played out many times on Russian and Western social media platforms.

a video of a Ukrainian or Russian soldier, Set in a destroyed and frequently exposed location He was discovered before he knew he was being followed.

Soldiers try to escape, hide or outwit the ruthless robots in the sky.

Some panic, others succumb to a seemingly inevitable fate. But even watching the lower-quality video, viewers can see the moment when the man being hunted realizes he’s been defeated and can’t escape.

On May 9, a video clip released by Ukraine’s 92nd Mechanized Brigade showed a Russian soldier surrendering to a Ukrainian drone. (92nd Mechanized Brigade of Ukraine)

Russia launched 99 drones and missiles at Ukrainian energy systems, officials say

Drones are not only making modern warfare more dangerous for soldiers on the ground, they are revolutionizing the way military units operate on the front lines, especially in the age of artificial intelligence.

“There’s 100 percent … a war going on between Russia and Ukraine over autonomous weapons based on artificial intelligence in Ukraine,” Russia analyst George Barros, head of the Geospatial Intelligence Group at the Institute for War Studies, told Fox News Digital. Arms race.”

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“It’s not a question of if or if, it’s more a question of when.”

There is already evidence that drones used by Ukraine and Russia already employ some AI integration.

While there is no reliable evidence that AI has been used in strike capabilities, it has been used to gain battlefield intelligence by identifying different types of enemy weapons and machinery.

drone ukraine

On November 25, 2022, near Bakhmut, Ukraine, the 24-year-old “Ghost”, a soldier of the 58th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Army, captured a drone while testing it to target Russia as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. Use nearby. (Reuters/Leah Millis)

Burrows explained that there are currently several ways to defeat drones, including blasting the communication radio frequencies used by remote operators to control drones.

But integrated AI technology could allow drones to be pre-programmed to identify and hit certain targets without having to communicate with an operator.

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Barros said he didn’t know if the Russians or Ukrainians had surpassed each other in the AI ​​race, but noted Modern warfare is driving advances in artificial intelligence.

“Battlefield requirements require these types of solutions,” Burrows said. “I think it’s moving a lot faster than most people in Washington really realize.”

The war with Russia has been going on for more than two years, and while many scenes on the battlefield are eerily reminiscent of 20th-century European wars, some technological advances are giving military strategists and soldiers a modern nightmare.

“Maneuvering in modern warfare is extremely difficult to achieve, thanks to the tactical innovation of drones,” Barros said, referring to the military strategy of surprise used to gain positional advantage.

“Currently, no military theorist can give an answer or solution How to regain mobility On to the battlefield,” he added.

The expert explained that military analysts are reportedly confused about how the basic tenets of wartime doctrine have changed, as previous Russian, U.S. and NATO military doctrines have largely been invalidated by the realities of drone warfare.

“Tactical assault is now essentially eliminated because of the hyperproliferation of these cheap quadcopter drones,” he added. “It’s impossible to find a place to hide. It’s almost impossible to find cover.”

Ukrainian soldiers use drones in trenches

On March 10, 2024, Ukrainian soldiers searched for drones in the trenches of the infantry position in the direction of Kupiansk, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine. (Photo by Diego Herrera Caicedo/Anadolu/Getty Images)

Barros said that this change in military doctrine is one of the reasons for the failure of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in 2023.

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The Russian military was able to successfully use drone reconnaissance capabilities, combined with artillery and drone strikes, to weaken Ukrainian forces before they could advance toward Russian positions.

“When you take our principles, our best expression of them, and compare that to the tactical reality of a lack of cover and concealment, our battle plan breaks down,” Burrows said.

“This is a big problem. It really is a big problem,” he added.

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