UN chief calls blockage of aid to Gaza moral outrage

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said during a visit to the Rafah crossing that aid trucks being stuck on one side of Egypt’s border with the Gaza Strip, while Palestinians on the other side faced starvation, were a “moral embarrassment.” ‘s anger”.

“I came to Rafah to draw attention to the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza,” the U.N. chief told a news conference in El-Arish, Egypt’s northern Sinai peninsula, on Saturday, as Israel continues to block aid.

“Here, from this intersection, we see the heartbreak and ruthlessness of it all. There’s a long line of barricaded rescue trucks on one side of the gate, and the long shadow of hunger on the other,” he said.

“This is more than a tragedy. This is a moral outrage. Any further attacks will make things worse – worse for Palestinian civilians, worse for the hostages, and worse for all the people of the region.” Oops.”

Guterres’ visit, part of his annual “solidarity tour” to Muslim countries during Ramadan, comes as Israel faces global pressure to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza, which has been hit by more than five Months of war destruction.

“When you see so many people being killed, when you see so much suffering, you get very frustrated,” Guterres said when asked by reporters. “We have no power to stop it. [the war in Gaza]I call on those who have the power to stop it to do so,” he added.

Some NGOs and human rights groups have accused Israel of deliberately blocking aid to Gaza as a warning of famine in the besieged strip.

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Regional Governor Mohamed Shousa said when meeting Guterres at El-Arish Airport that about 7,000 trucks were waiting in northern Sinai to deliver aid to Gaza, but inspection procedures required by Israel were hampering the delivery of aid.

The UN chief stressed that now is the time for Israel to make an “ironclad commitment” to unrestricted access to humanitarian supplies throughout Gaza, and said the UN would also continue to work with Egypt to “streamline” the flow of aid into Gaza.

“It’s time to deliver real life-saving aid to Gaza. The choice is clear: surge or starvation,” Guterres said.

This week, the global food monitoring agency warned of looming famine in northern Gaza, which could spread to other parts of the territory if a ceasefire is not agreed.

Philippe Lazzarini, the head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), posted on social media platform X that a food convoy was denied entry to northern Gaza for the second time this week.

Lazzarini noted that UNRWA last provided aid to the northern part of the enclave, where hunger is widespread, two months ago.

“This is man-made hunger and imminent famine, but it is still avoidable,” he said. “Israeli authorities must allow large-scale delivery of food aid to the north, including through UNRWA, Gaza’s largest humanitarian organization.”

Israel has closed all but one land crossing to the enclave. In late December, it opened the Karem Abu Salem crossing (known in Israel as Kerem Shalom) near Rafah, denying Egypt, human rights groups and U.N. agencies that it had delayed the delivery of humanitarian aid. accusations.

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More than 32,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed as a result of Israeli military operations in Gaza since October, according to local health authorities.

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