University of Maryland lifts hold on most fraternity and sorority hazing investigations

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this University of Maryland Greek Life’s suspension of social and recruiting events for most fraternities and sororities has been lifted amid an investigation into possible hazing and other safety concerns, it was announced Friday.

Earlier this month, the university sent a letter to fraternity and sorority presidents informing them of the closure. The letter did not say the alleged misconduct was bullying, describing it instead as “activity that threatens the safety and well-being of members of the university community.”

The closure order was issued after university officials received multiple reports of unsafe activity.

A review into allegations of hazing and harmful alcohol-related behavior and activities within fraternities and sororities reportedly concluded Friday. Fox 5 DC, Thirty-two fraternity councils and Panhellenic Association chapters were allowed to resume activities.

University of Maryland suspends fraternities, sororities due to safety concerns

The University of Maryland announced Friday that a Greek life pause on social and recruiting activities for most fraternities and sororities on campus has been lifted. (Getty Images)

While most of the content has been cleared, five unidentified chapters were suspended because of “evidence of bullying or other incidents that threatened others.” health and safety part of our campus community,” the university said.

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The university also said some individual students within the chapter will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

“We recognize the impact that temporarily suspending some activities has had on our fraternity and sorority communities, particularly new members,” university spokesperson Hafsa Siddiqi said in a statement. However, we have chosen a course of action that prioritizes safety and prevention, with the aim of assessing the reports we receive and preventing a major health and safety incident from occurring.”

UVA student hospitalized over alleged hazing, school suspends all fraternity activities

University of Maryland

Five University of Maryland chapters will remain suspended as they remain under investigation. (Getty Images)

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“The evaluation revealed areas of continued concern across chapters that we believe require additional action by the university, including establishing new hazing reporting mechanisms, strengthening training and communication channels with fraternities and sororities, and establishing a task force to build integrity and a culture of accountability,” the statement continued.

Decision to lift suspension on most fraternities and sororities comes after affected chapters filed temporary restraining orders against the university, Believe that they are being unfairly punished for someone’s actions.

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