US reaffirms ‘long-term’ security partnership with Pakistan

The United States has stated that it prioritizes security-related cooperation with Pakistan and will continue its efforts to further expand bilateral relations in this regard.

“We will continue to work to expand the security partnership between the United States and Pakistan,” U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at a media briefing in Washington. […] This has always been our top priority and will continue to be. “

His speech touched on US support for Pakistan in addressing security concerns of its neighbors and combating the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP).

Washington’s assurances came after Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in a letter responding to US President Joe Biden, stressed that Pakistan hopes to cooperate with the United States to achieve the common goals of global peace and stability as well as regional progress and prosperity.

The Prime Minister also said that the two countries have been cooperating on various major initiatives in the fields of energy, climate change, agriculture, health and education.

Earlier, President Biden sent a letter to Prime Minister Shehbaz congratulating the new government. He further emphasized the “enduring partnership” between the United States and Pakistan.

In the first diplomatic correspondence between the new U.S. and Pakistani governments, Biden vowed that Washington would “continue to stand with Pakistan” on its “most pressing global and regional challenges.”

Furthermore, the US president emphasized Washington’s commitment to continue working with Pakistan to protect human rights and promote progress. “Together we will continue to build a strong partnership between our two countries and build close ties between our peoples,” he added.

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The official gave a negative answer in response to a query about media reports that Afghanistan had received more than $2.9 billion through the United Nations and whether this had been approved by Washington.

“Absolutely not. So let me be clear, we ask all partners to put safeguards in place to ensure that aid reaches those who need it,” he said of the prospects of aid reaching Afghanistan’s Taliban-led interim regime. A war-torn country.

“We also require robust monitoring and reporting by partner organizations implementing aid programs […] We will continue to monitor all of our aid programs and seek to reduce the risk that U.S. aid may indirectly benefit the Taliban or may be diverted to unintended recipients,” he noted.

Miller declined to comment when asked about Indian media reports that New Delhi had found its intelligence officers involved in a plot to assassinate Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannu in the United States and that the report had been shared with Washington. Comment”.

However, the spokesperson emphasized that the United States has told India that it hopes to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter and continues to look forward to the results of the investigation.

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