Virginia’s Youngkin calls pro-Palestinian interstate protests ‘unacceptable’

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Virginia’s governor was responding to a group of pro-Palestinian protesters who blocked a section of the interstate on Monday to protest Israel’s continued war against the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

“Blocking interstates, endangering the lives of Virginians and causing chaos on our roadways is unacceptable,” Republican Gov. Trump said. Glenn Youngkin he said in a post on

The Republican governor’s comments came after Virginia State Police arrested nine protesters earlier in the day near Exit 78 near Arthur Ashe Boulevard in Richmond. Protesters tied themselves together and marched across Interstate 95, completely blocking the road.

Virginia State Police said protesters used ladders, a large metal chain and “sleeping dragon” devices. Photos taken at the scene also showed protesters wearing sweaters that read “Stop Genocide.”

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Virginia State Police arrested nine pro-Palestinian protesters Monday near Exit 78 of Arthur Ashe Boulevard in Richmond. (Virginia State Police)

In a statement online, Virginia State Police said they began receiving calls from multiple motorists at around 6:54 a.m. reporting road closures

“State troopers arrived and found nine people lying in the southbound lanes. [had] They used two ladders, a large metal chain and a ‘sleeping dragon’ device to connect them together,” police said.

“At 7:09 a.m., state police announced unlawful assembly (Virginia Code 18.2-406…§ 18.2-406. What constitutes an unlawful assembly; penalties ( Protesters were directed to the right southbound shoulder of the interstate for their safety and to expedite the reopening of the interstate lanes. Three protesters voluntarily gave up almost immediately. They were detained and transported off the interstate,” the statement continued.

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The agency said the southbound lanes reopened about 10 minutes later.

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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin called pro-Palestinian protests disrupting interstate traffic “unacceptable.” (Julia Nyhinson/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

More police officers assisted in the arrests, and six more protesters were detained.

“Specially trained soldiers arrived on scene and safely rescued the six remaining protesters from the Sleeping Dragon device, which turned out to be large PVC pipes wrapped in wire and connected by a large metal chain. This was then Six individuals were detained without further incident and transported off the interstate,” VSP said.

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Israel’s war with Hamas has killed tens of thousands of people on both sides, mostly Palestinian civilians. (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The statement said the scene was cleared around 10:30 a.m.

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The City of Richmond Police Department, City of Richmond Fire Department and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) all assisted with arrests or relayed on-site safety, traffic control and traffic advisories to residents.

The following protesters were charged with blocking another person’s vehicle, obstructing the free passage of another person, unlawful assembly, and being a pedestrian on the interstate:

  • Zayneabideen Rasul Al-Murshidi, 23, Roanoke
  • Max Hudson Gray Holland, 24, Henrico
  • Charles D. Caines, 23, Round Hill
  • Kemp Walker Barber, 25, of Richmond
  • Connor Joris McCarty, 21, Norfolk
  • Naomi Destiny Isaac, 25, Richmond
  • Sarah Elizabeth Mirkovsky Dahlgren of Henrico
  • Kenrick Keith Cameron Jr., 25, of Richmond
  • Jasmine Juliet Cuellar, 30, of Richmond.
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Police said no injuries were reported by protesters or law enforcement.

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Israel continues to be war with hamas It was the deadliest attack in Israel’s history since the terror group launched a surprise attack on October 7. The war has killed tens of thousands of people on both sides, with most of the casualties being Palestinian civilians.

The civilian death toll sparked protests around the world.

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