What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370? 10 years of legend.

Family of missing person on flight demand answers and is pushing for the search to continue.Malaysian Transport Minister Loke said this while speaking at a memorial service held with the families of the victims this week. Government is ready to invite Ocean Infinity to discuss another “Can’t find it, no charge” If reliable evidence is identified, the search is conducted using new techniques. He said: “I will make every effort to obtain cabinet approval for a new contract with Ocean Infinity so that the search can be resumed as soon as possible.”

The company’s chief executive, Oliver Plunkett, confirmed in an email that the company had submitted a new proposal and “we hope to get back to the search as soon as possible.” He added that since the last attempt, the company had enhanced its ocean search capabilities with robotics and other technology.

One expert said a new search was necessary.

“On the one hand, the mystery itself may not be fully solved yet. Because I don’t know how much evidence there is to prove what exactly happened to the plane,” said Charitha Pattiaratchi, a professor of coastal oceanography at the University of Western Australia. Perform drift analysis to predict the location of the wreckage. “But finding the wreckage will ultimately bring some comfort to those who have lost loved ones.”

Jennifer Hassan contributed to this report.

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