What horrors will the survivors trapped underwater now face?

A Dali cargo ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing the bridge to collapse. — Reuters

Authorities are searching for nearly 20 people believed to have fallen into the river hours after the massive cargo ship collided with Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, and experts are explaining how the cold water endangered their lives.

Derek Van Dam is a meteorologist CNN “The temperature within the water and land is affecting search operations. It is also affecting people in the water and conditions in the water,” told the outlet.

The water temperature in the Patapsco River is 48°F and the air temperature is about 46°F, Van Dam said, adding, “The air is cooler than the water, and even a 50°F water temperature doesn’t sound too cold, but it can be deadly.” .”

“Cold water removes body heat four times faster than cold air,” he says.

According to statistics, people stay in the water for one to three hours.

Cold shock and hypothermia are concerns for experts because they occur when the body is exposed to cold water without protection.

Earlier, Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore City Fire Department, noted that the temperature around the harbor felt like about 30°F (-1°C) at 1:30 a.m. ET.

According to reports, Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace said that so far at least two people have been rescued, one of whom was not injured and the other was seriously injured.

Wallace said authorities are currently searching for 20 people, but more than seven are currently being searched.

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