Who is “Grill” the gang leader wreaking havoc in Haiti?

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leader Haitian The most powerful gang may now be the most powerful man in a country that has been plunged into chaos by rival gangs demanding Prime Minister Ariel Henry step down.

“People are desperate. They’re in desperate situations,” said Jack Brewer, a former NFL star who now serves as president of the Jack Brewer Foundation and serves on the board of GEO Group member, he said in a statement regarding the situation in Haiti. Fox News Digital Interview. “There’s a massive brain drain, and anyone who can afford to leave will leave, and then you’ll leave behind those who have no voice and the poorest and most vulnerable. Those are the people who will suffer.”

Brewer, who has worked in Haiti for more than a decade for a variety of reasons, is not surprised by the recent unrest in the country. His remarks came as Haiti is suffering from a new wave of epidemics. violence and riots over the past few weeks. The country’s powerful gangs have attacked government targets, burned down police stations and raided prisons, leading to the release of thousands of prisoners.

At the center of the chaos is Jimmy Cherizier, a 46-year-old Haitian gang leader nicknamed “Barbecue.” He ran a gang alliance called the G9 Family and Allies, which has become perhaps the most powerful gang in Haiti.

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Armed gang leader Jimmy “Grill” Cherizier and his men in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on March 5, 2024. (Clarence Sifroy/AFP via Getty Images)

Cherizil previously served as a military officer haitian national police His notoriety began even while in law enforcement before becoming a gang leader, including accusations that he was responsible for the 2018 Lazarin massacre in which at least 71 people were killed and 400 homes burned. This earned him the nickname “Barbecue,” according to the Associated Press, although Cherichier claimed the name came from his mother’s job as a fried chicken street vendor.

“In America, you don’t associate law enforcement, former law enforcement, with gangs,” Mark Montgomery, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Fox News Digital.

But the reality in Haiti is different, Montgomery explained, noting that Haitian gangs are more akin to the old 19th-century American gangs who tried to run communities in Haiti. New York City. A more modern comparison would be to Mexican drug cartels, although Montgomery noted that drug cartels rely on specific sources of revenue and control more defined territories, whereas Haitian gangs are more dispersed and use multiple avenues of illegal activity to fund their operations.

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Montgomery said Cherizil’s group is probably the most powerful of hundreds of gangs, controlling maritime and air checkpoints, generating revenue from ransom payments and carrying large quantities of weapons.

This control also allows Cherizil to benefit from the massive amounts of U.S. aid that flows into Haiti. Montgomery believes it’s inevitable that some of the money and other assistance will end up in the hands of gangs.

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But in recent weeks, Cherizil’s ambitions have seemed to grow even greater. The ultimate goal, the gang leader said this month, is to overthrow Henry’s government. The statement also came with a threat. Cherizil said the “international community’s” continued support for the prime minister would “directly lead us into a civil war that will end in genocide”.

Henry, for his part, agreed to resign last month before apparently changing his mind and traveling abroad to seek support. United Nations Peacekeeping troops will be deployed to Haiti to combat gang violence. He has been stuck in the Dominican Republic since, and on Tuesday he vowed again to step down and allow a transfer of power.

“The government I lead will resign as soon as the (transitional) council is established,” Henry said in a video speech, according to Reuters. “I want to thank the Haitian people for giving me the opportunity.

haitian crowd

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, were filled with pedestrians and commuters. (AP Photo/Odrin Joseph)

“I ask all Haitians to remain calm and make every effort to restore peace and stability as quickly as possible.”

But that instability may be one of Cherizier’s priorities, Montgomery said, arguing that the gang leader “thrives on instability” and may seek to “keep the country as unstable as possible.”

As for whether Cherizil’s ultimate goal is to take over political power in the country, Montgomery noted that the gang leader’s “methodology” would not “give him a path to prime minister or president.”

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“He did do some things that would make you think he needed popular support,” Montgomery added. “They were kind of a Robin Hood … redistribution of wealth. But he also supported people looting banks and stores and shopping malls.”

Eddie Acevedo, chief of staff to the president and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, told Fox Digital News that the situation in Haiti has been brewing for some time.

“Haiti’s instability did not happen overnight. The situation had continued to deteriorate over the years, even before President Moïse was assassinated, and unfortunately, with so much attention now, it may be too late,” Ah. Cevedo said.

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As the situation reaches a breaking point, Acevedo believes Cherizil is trying to position himself as “a man of the people, but that’s terribly wrong.”

“After he left the police force, the G-9 gang he led caused multiple massacres across the country, killing and injuring more than 1,800 people,” said Acevedo, a former national security adviser for the US Agency for International Development. “Because of these For this vicious atrocity, Barbeque was sanctioned by the United States, Canada and the United Nations Security Council in 2022.”

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Brewer believes Cherizil benefited from considerable popular support.

“This is not a guy who’s seen as a bad guy that everyone wants to take down. … There’s a large portion of this country that absolutely loves him, feeds him, takes care of him,” Brewer said.

Jimmy Cherizier Haiti

On March 5, 2024, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, gang leader Jimmy “Grill” Cherizier spoke into his mobile phone before carrying out a mission, while two of his men looked on. (Clarence Sifroy/AFP via Getty Images)

Brewer said the reality of Cherizil’s popular support is something that U.S. and international leaders cannot fathom, and he believes U.S. policy in Haiti will continue to fail the country’s people. Brewer said these failures will continue to become a larger problem for the United States, arguing that instability will lead to a continued influx of immigrants into the United States. Southern border.

“I said two years ago that if we don’t take action in Haiti, the crisis will get to the point where they will overwhelm our borders and every criminal and worst person from Haiti will come to the United States of America,” Brewer said. He believes reality has set in within two years and will only continue to get worse in the coming years.

Brewer says the only solution is U.S. military intervened, believing that the United States could easily defeat the criminal gangs and create a new level of stability in the country.

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“We’re talking about funding Ukraine, we need funding for this situation on our border,” Brewer said. “I think we need three days. I think within three days we can take down all these thugs and recover Stablize.”

Since then, Brewer has advocated for the creation of a “Corps of Engineers” that could provide the foundation for the nation’s reconstruction and help its people gain critical skills that would lift the country toward a brighter future.

“If you don’t do that, you’ll never rebuild this country,” Brewer said. “All our money should be spent on this place, not on other far-fetched ideas that might work in other countries.”

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