Who is Jose Andres, the chef who delivered food aid to Gaza?

First ship to deliver aid to Gaza since 2005 Arrive on Fridayspearheaded not by the United Nations or world leaders but by celebrities Chef Jose Andres. His charity, World Central Kitchen, has partnered with Spanish group Open Arms to deliver around 200 tonnes of food to the hunger-plagued region.

Andrés is famous for his cookbooks and restaurants such as Jaleo and Minibar But he is also known for flying to disaster and conflict zones to deliver food relief for an organization he co-founded.

Here’s information about the people behind the first ship to deliver much-needed food to Gaza during the war.

Born in Spain, the restaurateur moved out of his parents’ home at 15 and financed his independence by working in hotels. He then studied under a top chef at culinary school and served in the Navy before landing in the United States at age 21.He has $50 to his name and he Tell He spoke in the magazine when the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded him a medal in 2015.

In 1993, he moved to the nation’s capital to lead the kitchen of new restaurant Jaleo, where he started the tapas craze.From this basis he launched more than 30 Restaurants, mostly in the United States, with many of the best-known ones in Washington, DC. James Beard Award to 2003.

He founded World Central Kitchen in 2010 and has been committed to outspoken On issues like hunger, childhood obesity, agribusiness subsidies, the minimum wage, and immigration reform.

In 2013, he became a U.S. citizen. He is married to Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz and has three daughters.

When he was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2018, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse wrote Andrés was a “talented restaurateur who shaped America’s culinary history and course by introducing his unique vision of Spanish food and culture.”

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What is World Central Kitchen?

Andrés founded World Central Kitchen with his partners after traveling to Haiti to help feed people affected by a deadly earthquake.

The charity will grow from there to meet the need for food after hurricanes in Houston and Puerto Rico, as well as Western United States wildfires and In Australia.its workers cook Refugees living in tents on the US-Mexico border and Fleeing the war in Ukraine.

group describe Its mission is to “be the first on the front lines to deliver fresh meals and respond to humanitarian, climate and community crises.”

In 2021, Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos Give Andres $100 million through his annual Courage and Civility Award.

The nonprofit has also faced criticism: Two Bloomberg investigations last year included allegations against Andres Instructors and contractors Trapped in an unsafe situation, the organization lacked adequate security, governance and accounting protocols to accommodate its rapid growth, and it did not fully responsive Patterns of sexual harassment among senior employees. The charity responded to Bloomberg saying it had made changes to its leadership team and put in place new safeguards.

It carries out its mission in Gaza in partnership with: open armsis a Spanish non-profit organization specializing in sea rescue. Open Arms works to save refugees and migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean, to provide aid after earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and to evacuate refugees fleeing war in Ukraine.

How does he send ships to Gaza to deliver aid?

World Central Kitchen sent a ship from Cyprus to northern Gaza carrying about 200 tons of food. An organization spokesman told The Washington Post that Israeli authorities would inspect it en route and the delivery was subject to their approval. The northern part of the territory is suffering from hunger, Reports of children dying due to lack of food have increased in recent weeks.

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Andres told U.S. lawmakers on Thursday that there is no port infrastructure in northern Gaza, but workers there have used rubble from bombed buildings to build a dock ready for the arrival of ships.

Andres told the Washington Post that aid will be distributed through the World Central Kitchen’s existing network in Gaza, which includes more than 60 kitchens and several warehouses, with more warehouses under construction.

The ship is part of land, sea and air assistance efforts Taking on a new shape in recent weeks.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it was the first rescue ship Israel had allowed to reach Gaza’s coast in about 18 years say on tuesday. Israel controls both sides of Gaza’s coastline and its land border; Egypt controls the third. Last week, Israel entered into negotiations with the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and other stakeholders on an approved maritime corridor, with Open Arms’ World Central Kitchen being the first to use it.

The United States plans to build a temporary terminal to distribute 2 million meals a day by sea to Gaza, but this will take up to 60 days to build, According to the Pentagon.

On October 21, Israel and Egypt partially lifted a comprehensive siege on the enclave that had been in place since October 9, and a limited number of trucks carrying essential goods have since been allowed to enter through two land crossings.Aid organizations’ ability to distribute supplies in Gaza has been affected Restrictions and looting by Israeli forces.

The United States and other countries have also start Airdrops of food and water this month.

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