World Central Kitchen provides millions of meals to people affected by war in Gaza

  • World Central Kitchen halted operations in Gaza after a strike in Israel killed seven workers.
  • The organization, known for providing food aid, is re-evaluating its long-term plans in the region following the incident.
  • The charity was established in 2010 and provides meals to areas affected by disaster and conflict.

world central kitchen, food charity The company, founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, suspended work in the Gaza Strip after an apparent strike in Israel killed seven employees, most of them foreigners.

The group, which said it would make a decision soon on long-term plans for the area, has been delivering much-needed food to Gazans facing widespread hunger and spearheaded a recent effort to deliver aid by sea from Cyprus.

With the United Nations warning of looming famine, its absence, even temporarily, could deepen misery in the war-torn territory.

World Central Kitchen suspends Gaza operations after 7 aid workers killed in ‘inexcusable’ Israeli airstrike

Here’s a look at the charity’s work in Gaza and what its absence might mean.

A member of World Central Kitchen prepares a pallet containing humanitarian aid for shipment to the port of Larnaca, where it will be shipped from a warehouse to Gaza on March 13, 2024. The food charity has called for a halt to work in the Gaza Strip after an apparent strike in Israel left seven workers dead. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, File)

What is World Central Kitchen?

Founded in 2010, World Central Kitchen provides freshly prepared meals to people following natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, or suffering from conflict.The organization also provides meals to migrants upon arrival southern united states and hospital staff working tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic.

The aid team sent out teams that were able to cook meals that were adapted to local tastes on a large scale and quickly.

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“When you talk about food and water, people don’t expect a solution a week from now, a month from now. The solution has to be now,” Andrés was quoted as saying on the organization’s website.

World Central Kitchen has worked in dozens of affected areas and currently has a team in Haiti, addressing the needs of Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion and providing meals to those affected by the war in Gaza.

What did it do during the Gaza war?

The charity’s teams have been spread out across the region since Hamas-led militants attacked southern Israel on October 7, and throughout the war it sparked. The group provides food to Israelis and former hostages displaced by the attacks, as well as Lebanese displaced by the war with Israel, according to its website. But its job in Gaza is the most demanding.

The organization says it has provided more than 43 million meals to Palestinians in Gaza.

The group has two main kitchens in the southern city of Rafah and the central town of Deir al-Bala. It supports 68 community kitchens across Hong Kong, delivering more than 170,000 hot meals every day. The organization ramped up its efforts during Ramadan, the holy month when Muslims traditionally fast from sunrise to sunset and eat hearty meals, distributing 92,000 food boxes, or about 4.7 million meals.

The organization also provides meals via airdrop and shipped two shipments of hundreds of tons of food by sea to northern Gaza, where the food crisis is worst.

The charity’s sea deliveries prompted the United States to announce it would build a floating dock to deliver aid to Gaza by sea, Andres told The Associated Press in an interview last month.

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“I think that’s our achievement,” he said.

What does the absence of charities mean to the people of Gaza?

World Central Kitchen is shutting down immediately and tens of thousands of meals a day will not be distributed.

After the deadly attack, a Cypriot foreign ministry spokesman said an aid ship arriving in Gaza this week would return to the Mediterranean island nation with about 240 tons of undelivered aid. The spokesman said about 100 tonnes had been offloaded.

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Other aid groups, including the United Nations, are still delivering aid to Palestinians on the ground, but aid groups say supplies are not arriving fast enough and once in Gaza, deliveries are hampered by logistical problems and ongoing fighting.Israel denies food shortages in Gaza, accuses United Nations and other aid organizations have failed to expand domestic aid.

World Central Kitchen is at the forefront of two sea shipments that have arrived in Gaza so far. It is unclear in what capacity the maritime corridor will continue to exist without the organization, but Cyprus’s president said on Tuesday that more could be shipped from Cyprus to Gaza “before the end of this month” as the United States completes construction of the floating pontoons. Aid supplies. Marina near the Palestinian territories coastline.

President Nicos Christodoulides said aid to Cyprus and Gaza “will continue to flow because there are humanitarian needs.”

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