World leaders call for quelling gunfire in Gaza as Ramadan begins

As the holy month of Ramadan begins, global leaders are united in recognizing the importance of the month and calling for silencing of the gunfire in Gaza.

In a Ramadan speech, US President Joe Biden pledged international efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and pledged to work tirelessly for an immediate six-week ceasefire.

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made a passionate appeal for peace in Gaza, urging all parties to “respect the spirit of Ramadan by silencing the guns.”

He stressed the urgent need to provide humanitarian assistance, saying: “My strongest appeal today is to remove all obstacles and ensure that life-saving assistance is delivered at the speed and scale required.”

In an act of compassion, Guterres called for the “immediate release of all hostages” and emphasized the global significance of the situation, declaring that “the eyes of the world are upon us.” The eyes of history are watching. We can’t look away. “

The Secretary-General highlighted the serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza, pointing to unprecedented civilian casualties and destruction. He lamented that relief operations were slow and inadequate, noting that “life-saving relief for Palestinians in Gaza is coming – if at all.”

Guterres drew attention to the threat of an Israeli attack on Rafah, warning that it could plunge Gaza into a deeper crisis. He regretted that no party in the war had shown respect for international humanitarian law, resulting in “a fragmentation of international humanitarian law.”

The UN chief recalled the heartfelt pleas of families affected by the conflict, quoting one family member as saying: “We are not here to mourn. We are not here to apologize. We are here to take immediate action,” he stressed. These voices need to be heeded and urgent action taken to prevent further loss of life.

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He acknowledged the beginning of Ramadan and emphasized the values ​​of peace, reconciliation and solidarity. However, he expressed deep concern about the ongoing violence in Gaza, saying, “Even though Ramadan has begun, killings, bombings and bloodshed in Gaza continue.”

The Secretary-General also called for a cessation of hostilities in Sudan during the month of Ramadan, urging an end to the fighting for the sake of the Sudanese people who face hunger and suffering. He called for global unity to promote peace, saying: “In Gaza, Sudan and elsewhere, now is the time for peace.”

While pledging more life-saving aid to Gaza, the US president said the United States “will continue working non-stop to achieve an immediate and sustained ceasefire for at least six weeks as part of the hostage release agreement.”

He also pledged to “continue building a long-term future of stability, security and peace. This includes a two-state solution that ensures equal freedom, dignity, security and prosperity for Palestinians and Israelis. This is the key to achieving lasting peace,” he said. The only way”.

Biden said that as Muslims gather around the world to break fast in the coming days and weeks, the suffering of the Palestinian people will be at the forefront of many people’s minds.

“This is my top priority,” the US president said.

Biden said some of the Palestinians killed in Gaza “were family members of Muslim Americans who today are grieving deeply for their lost loved ones.”

He also said that nearly 2 million Palestinians are estimated to be displaced and in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

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