Parents group raises $40,000 to patrol UC Berkeley campus over crime issues

A group of frustrated parents at UC Berkeley Amid ongoing concerns about rising crime, the company has raised $40,000 to hire unarmed security guards to monitor city streets around its California campus.

Parents and community members of SafeBears, a nonprofit organization founded in 2022, raised $40,000 in late 2023 to launch a pilot program to implement security services in surrounding areas. california college.

SafeBears’ pilot program launched on March 6, the organization said in a version.

Six security guards from private contractor Streetplus patrol five routes around campus on foot and bicycle every day from 6:30 pm to 3 am.

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SafeBears has hired a group of security guards to conduct nightly patrols at UC Berkeley and the surrounding area for several weeks, hoping it will prompt the campus to take action and launch a similar program. (Courtesy of Safety Bear)

According to the SafeBears website, organization leaders said they are working with a private contractor to complete the final steps of the plan.

The organization stated private contractor Dedicated to providing security services in crime-ridden areas such as Oakland and San Francisco.

UC Berkeley campus

The UC Berkeley entrance sign is located on the corner of Oxford Street and Center Street in Berkeley, California. (iStock)

SafeBears said security guards will not be armed while on patrol but will be equipped with radio call Berkeley Police Department if needed.

“Our Streetplus Ambassadors will not carry pepper spray, batons, handcuffs or any other defensive equipment,” the website states.

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“Their role is to provide a physical deterrent to any threats against students. If they believe a situation is escalating, they are equipped with radios and can call other ambassadors to assist,” the website states. “They also have contacts at the Berkeley Police Department to To prevent this from happening become more serious“.

SafeBears said security staff will also escort students to other areas if requested.

Southgate at UC Berkeley

On April 17, 2007, UC Berkeley students walked through Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A UC Berkeley spokesperson expressed concerns about the effort to Fox News Digital, pointing to the campus’s own efforts to keep people safe.

“Hiring private security raises numerous concerns, including the training and experience of those employed by such companies,” the spokesperson warned. “Additionally, any security efforts on campus must be coordinated with UCPD, regardless of funding source.”

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The spokesman argued the funds would be better spent elsewhere.

“We believe university funds would be better spent hiring more UCPD officers, both sworn and unsworn, to conduct standard day-to-day response efforts. Parents Those who want to donate funds to enhance campus security can do so through established university funds,” the spokesperson wrote. “We believe private security should not be prioritized over the hiring of sworn officers. Additionally, a comprehensive approach to campus security is required and is the most effective approach. “

Fox News’ Alexander Hall contributed to this report.

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