U.S. committed to ensuring Afghanistan never becomes a center of terror again

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller. ——State Council
  • The U.S. State Department said the United States remains vigilant about threats from terrorist organizations.
  • Matthew Miller urges Taliban to live up to promises.
  • “Afghanistan must not become a safe haven for terrorist groups.”

WASHINGTON: The U.S. State Department said on Thursday it remains committed to ensuring Afghanistan never becomes a launch pad for terrorism again.

At a daily press briefing, spokesman Matthew Miller noted that the U.S. government remains vigilant to the evolving threats posed by various terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and Daesh.

“We continue to push the Taliban to fulfill all of its counterterrorism commitments to the international community,” he said.

The spokesman insisted that the United States has made it clear to the Taliban that they have a responsibility to ensure that they do not provide safe havens to terrorists, whether they are Al Qaeda, Daesh or any other terrorist group.

“Our global alliance against ISIS and C5+1 helps strengthen our efforts to monitor terrorist threats in the region and prevent terrorists’ ability to raise funds, travel and spread propaganda,” he said.

Miller stressed that the United States will “continue to work to hold the Islamic State accountable for its actions and prevent terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western countries.”

In response to relevant questions, the spokesperson said that in the three years since President Biden took office, the U.S. government has been unswervingly paying attention to the issue of terrorism.

“Unilaterally and working with our partners, we successfully neutralized the global threat and weakened the Islamic State,” he said, adding that in February 2022, on orders from the president, U.S. forces successfully targeted ISIS leader Ha Abdullah, and then later successfully completed an airstrike in Kabul that killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

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